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(May-19-2012, 08:43 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]not at all... the dragon is in its twenties (excluding well over a century spent as an egg)

There are a few teenagers among the other players, though...

Big Grin

Our current teenage trauma is over and now I can relax again Toohot
(May-08-2012, 10:21 AM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]These beings have for years wished to build the Death star in Lego, scaled according to the star destroyer model. Only problem is that it would probably require a million or so blocks.
Well, it's not scaled according to the star destroyer model, but it's a big one anyway:

[Image: deathstar1.jpg]
[Image: deathstar3.jpg]
[Image: deathstar4.jpg]

Oh no! The death star attacks London!
[Image: deathstar2.jpg]
Good stuff, joost Clapping ...very 'cool' and it *is* large!

I think what I love the most is the Princess Leia figurine complete with the buns! Big Grin At any fancy dress party where there is no theme, I always pick the white-robed, buns-over-the-ears Leia as my costume of choice (seeing as I'm far too conservative to wear her sexy, Jabba's-captive metal bikini...not to mention that everyone would run the other way if I were to alight in such a thing out in the public arena!).

I will have to try and dig out an old pic as it has been a while since I've donned the white robe...

(May-19-2012, 09:49 PM (UTC))fool-ish Wrote: [ -> ]Our current teenage trauma is over and now I can relax again Toohot

Good news! Yay Dance We've not had many of those traumas but, with one more of my off-spring to reach that stage, I'm not going to talk/brag too soon...! P
If 'thul recall correctly (and it was not from another roleplay) at least one or two of the other players (not characters) are about 8 years their junior... Practically children...
Farseer, I thought you'd have noticed which books are protected by the death star P.
*gasp* Uhhuh How could I miss such a thing?! Big Grin Too wrapped up in my Leia reminiscing! Whistling

Love it! Clapping Now all you need to do is put your smoke alarm above them too and you'll be all set! Hobb/Lindholm novels secure? Check! P

I've got to be honest. After all of that work, I think I'd have to get out the super glue and give it all a once over so nobody could ever destroy my destroyer, or my ship, or my bridge!
The fun part isn't having a model... its building it...
Or rebuilding, 'thul? Smiling Not me...although I guess that it would be fun to rebuild it later with my children, once I'd figured out what I was doing. Maybe a weekend project for your nieces and nephews, joost, in between book readings? P If not, and you don't want to take the super glue approach, make sure you never give them a ball to throw/kick about in your house, otherwise the Death Star may meet its end and require a quick rebuild! For its size and shape, it does look very stable though.

Hmm. Just imagine what would happen if a ball took out both the Death Star AND the London Bridge, and all those blocks got mixed up together! Ouch Big Grin
Fabulous joost, Lego builder extraordinaire! Big Grin
Yesterday was a trauma for us, rather than our daughter, the cause of it! It's a long story, but basically, we didn't know where she was (she'd said she was somewhere where she wasn't..twice!) and there was no reply to calls and texts. They just don't think, yet she's not doing anything that I didn't do when I was her age Undecided Well, no-one said it was gonna be easy! Dodgy
Wow, impressive, joost! Thankful My son would love this. He is Star Wars mad. When he turned 18 we drove to Toys R Us at midnight so we could buy the latest limited edition SW figurines. He and his best men wore Darth Vader and Stormtrooper cuff links at his wedding last year, and he had Star Wars mentioned in his wedding vows and speech! Proud (he's now 30 btw)
How long did this task take you?