Full Version: What's happening in your world?
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That'll do me, joost...I'm coming to live with you! Big Grin
These beings want a death star model scaled according to that SSD (or according to the older star destroyer model)
These beings have now gone busy ridding the world of sanctuary of demon lords and such vermin... (i.e. they have acquired Diablo III)
Is tiny R2D2 the one you're allowed to play with, joost? WinkP

'thul, my son is a Diablo III fiend! He bought the special limited edition set, containing all sorts of other nonsense stuff (best not let him hear me say that!) Wink

I think that and 'Fifty Shades of Grey' are in competition to take over the world. I don't have the foggiest idea what either are about, but they appear to be taking over many lives! Blink

Nothing much happening in my world at the moment. We're experiencing some appalling weather...strong winds and torrential rain. Good ole' British summertime! BoatSurrender Oh and I'm still ploughing through Soldier Son Blushing
it is essentially a game about slaughtering demons and other vermin. a magical fantasy role playing game. The reason it is so popular is because it comes from a company well-known for its superior-quality games.
(Jun-22-2012, 09:39 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]it is essentially a game about slaughtering demons and other vermin. a magical fantasy role playing game. The reason it is so popular is because it comes from a company well-known for its superior-quality games.
Oh I know why he had to have it and the name of the company. And really, how could I not when the original 'Diablo' has been played on our pc for many, many years by both husband and son? I've paid very little attention to it, though many a time I've had to drag them back to reality to do something normal and every day, like eating a meal! Blink Then again, I suppose it's not much different to me losing myself in books, only I can leave the book at any time (well mostly!) whereas, they don't seem to be able to just leave the game, they always have to finish something first! Dodgy

(Jun-22-2012, 08:39 PM (UTC))fool-ish Wrote: [ -> ]Oh and I'm still ploughing through Soldier Son Blushing

Been super busy of late but I hope to get back here later today/tomorrow and add spoiler tags to my Soldier Son prediction thread so you can go there for a look during your reading, fool-ish. I mainly just want you to finish so you can join in the RotE vs Gernia discussion. If you just *can't* finish, I'll have to beg you to head over there anyway...spoilers be damned! P

I'm pretty sure that Albertosaurus Rex made entries in his SS threads but gave prior warnings as to where he was up to in each book if you wanted to go and have a look in the Gernia thread?

Many have felt like you do though so you're not alone... Flowers

As for what's happening in my world, well, I am suffering this morning from a case of 'coulda, woulda, shoulda'. A friend had been battling cancer for some time (and had been for many, many years) and I hadn't had a chance to drive the four hours down to see her since the commencement of the latest bout. I knew it wasn't good but, then, it hadn't been good before.

I was actually *in* the town on the Thurs/Fri of last week where she was in hospital. I had planned to go and see her. I was there for a school reason, and extremely busy with the roles I'd had, so ended up racing back home feeling awful and thinking that I didn't get there as I'd planned but I would make a special trip back to see her yesterday.

You know where this story is headed, don't you?

I didn't have to go anywhere yesterday as she'd already died midweek, and I'd missed (or turned my back on?) my chance. Crying

So, 'coulda, woulda, shoulda' is what I am wallowing in now. Tsk, tsk, and I'm sure it won't be the last time. Learning from past mistakes is not something I'm particularly good at!

I'm off to my vegetable garden to do battle with some weeds... Knight

Oh, I will need to check but I think my eldest son had Diablo as a nickname for a time many years ago. Though he was a World of Warcraft addict, he did dapple in lots of other games eg Runescape etc...going on the nickname, I'm assuming that Diablo was one of the others! P
Sorry to hear about your friend Farseer. It's never easy and we all suffer regret for the things we should have done from time to time. Alas, as we know all too well, life just keeps pulling us along and the things we'd like to do/should do fall by the wayside. Down And you're quite right, we never really learn.Undecided

I will venture into the Gernia threads soon. I'm getting there slowly but surely Smiling
Well, it's been an eventful day in our little area of the town...a house explosion initially thought to be a gas leak, but now suspicious, is all over the news. We live a little further up the road and felt the blast, in fact the whole house shook! And going off the media pics, it's a devastating mess. A boy of 2 years was killed and a man (the suspect) is in hospital with severe burns. Tragic it is. Crying
A gas leak or suspicious activity...either a way, tragic it is indeed. It's heartbreaking to hear of so many young people becoming caught up in such events. Grouphug