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Due to a transmission error, I could only watch the last 10 or so minutes of the penultimate episode of Lost. My reaction?

The reason I'm making a seperate thread for this is that the final episode won't be broadcast in the Netherlands until friday this week and I'm frightened to death of spoilers.

So what happened in the episode? What I have seen and heard is
By the way, I haven't been posting much here lately because I've been up to my ears in homework.
Like 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert", I think I'm the only one on here who can't stand 'Lost' Smiling (it got old for me midway through the first season!)BUT I do sympathise Albertosaurus Rex and it's great to have you back!!!
Thank you. Be warned, though: I'm still very busy. In fact, it's only getting worse...
I lost interest in Lost a few episodes into the third season. Too many questions and not enough answers...
(May-25-2010, 10:46 AM (UTC))Albertosaurus Rex Wrote: [ -> ]So what happened in the episode? What I have seen and heard is Jack has been chosen as Jacob's successor, the characters in the alternate universe are up to... something, and Ben has apparently killed Charles Widmore. But where's desmond in the main universe if he's not in the well?

Yes, Jack volunteered to protect the island - it was up to him, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley to decide who it would be, but they didn't even get to discuss it before Jack volunteered. Hurley just said "glad it's not me".
Yes, Ben killed Charles because fLocke was promising him (Widmore) he wouldn't kill his daughter if he told how he was going to use Desmond. Ben said "he doesnt' get to save his daughter" and shot him.
Where Desmond is doesn't get answered until in the finale.

I hope that about covers it, but mind is still a bit bludgeoned after the finale so I can't really remember what else happened in "What They Died For".
I would appeciate it if you could enlighten me on what was going on in the alternate universe. All I saw were Desmond and the others getting escorted by the police (How did they end up in that position again?), and then Ana Lucia appears and Hurley has bribed her and they're up to something?
Hi Albertosaurus
Nice to see you drop by. Sorry to hear about the homework storm (argh memmmmories)
LOVE your video reaction to your disaster btw...... hehehe
Farseer for once my taste is not completely opposite to yours! I got sick of Lost too, but came back to it just to see what the heck would happen in the end!!!! Also my boyfriend watches it so I've seen bits and pieces through the whole thing...

Alberto errrrrrm I hope someone else fills you in cos I can't even remember what happened in the alternate universe apart from what you mentioned. I don't think whatever was going on between Anna Lucia and Hurley WAS explained previous to that scene when she appears once? If so I missed it.
Hmmm let's see I do recall Desmond basically getting himself arrested on purpose - presumably to be in the same police holding cells with Kate and umm was it Sayid? (gees I can't remember) - well with whoever else was with him in the police van when they got free.
Yeah, Desmond turned himself in, telling Sawyer that he was the guy who run Locke over and beat up Ben (this was also shown - Ben got his first "flash" from the Island timeline because Desmond beat him in both) - that's how Desmond could get in contact with Sayid and Kate. Hurley who is now working with Desmond had bribed Ana-Lucia to free the three prisoners while they were transported to a prison. Kate then went with Desmond who gave him a dress for the concert they're going to attend and Sayid went with Hurley.

Also : Jack, Jack's son and Claire had a nice breakfast together and then Desmond called Jack (using fake voice) to tell that his father's coffin had been found. Alex invites Ben to his home for a dinner (because he's in a miserable state after his beating and couldn't drive home), and Ben, Alex and Danielle have a nice family-like moment (Danielle tells Ben he's the closest thing to a father Alex has ever had).

Locke appears at Jack's hospital, telling him all about the "coincidences" that he has experienced lately and saying he's ready for Jack to fix his back. Jack echoes Mr. Eko's line, "don't mistake coincidence with fate" but agrees to do the surgery.

I think that's about it for the "flash-sideways".
(May-25-2010, 02:11 PM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: [ -> ]LOVE your video reaction to your disaster btw...... hehehe

SO DO's AWESOME Yay !!! Sorry AR, I didn't bother to watch it the first time around because I just thought it was something you were showing from Lost (yawn!)! Blushing

Glad to hear we're not always at opposite poles, Nuytsia!! Actually, I was thinking of watching the finale tomorrow night, just to say, "I watched the Final Episode Ever" (it will only be during the State of Origin ad breaks though as I'm not missing that for anything!)!
Also, I'm not looking the other thread cos the final episode doesn't screen until tomorrow night in Australia.

Geees I really should pay more attention though!

Farseer what's State of Origin is it rugby?
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