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Hi Mervi
(and anyone else who wants to comment on this)

I think I have worked out enough to at least start attempting to put things into wiki, but am a bit stumped as to what area to start with.
The only book I actually own is Dragon Keeper Blushing so it would be easiest if I did something from that. I notice Joost is already doing characters, and so what would be the next most important thing to work on? I thought places but then I realised there arent that many places in DK and they already seem to be in the wiki anyway!!!
I think that's a good idea - there's a lot of animals and flowers and things like that which would be nice to have in the wiki. Smiling The only flower I can remember is skymaw, but I know there are others. We don't have that many articles in the wiki anyway, I think we might need a new category since the existing "herbs" doesn't quite cover these. How about you make a list of them, with descriptions, and we'll see what to do with it? Smiling
ok i'm on it!
I could also do dragons? I noticed that the dragons featured in DK and DH aren't done yet.
Hey Nuytsia. As far as I can tell, joost is compiling info on the keepers and the dragons for the wiki - that's why we're researching/making sure that the characters in the text check off with those found on the character list that appears in the US edition...ah, in the Dragon Haven, Enjoy it? Hate it? thread Smiling .
ok well you won't find ME in that thread - hehehe!!!!
I will just do miscellaneous animals then.
We're still to actually find 'Skrim' within the text so, if you see it as you read through DH (or can remember it from DK), can you let us know maybe on this thread, under a spoiler alert, please? Your new eyes may see something our scanning ones keep missing. I'm sure I saw it in my first read but haven't found it since - thanks!
Great idea for a split, thanks Mervi Smiling !
What's Skrim? A dragon name?
I can't remember it at all, and didn't find it in the last about 1/4 of DH.

ok I've started making some notes on generic animals and plants from RWC.
* Spoiler for Rain Wild Chronicles..sort of?*
(May-27-2010, 08:21 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]Hey guys, feel free to start new discussion(s) here in this room if it helps you to work with the wiki pages (I understand that it might be easier than using the wiki "talk" pages) - just please leave some kind of mark at the project page there about what you're planning to do - not everyone who edits the wiki necessarily checks in here too.

Ok I've (hopefully successfully) put a note on wiki as to what I'm working on. I wasn't sure if everyone thinking of adding to wiki was yet really using it.
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