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I actually was watching this show the other night and it reminded me of the discussions on Lost.

I've been watching The League of Gentlemen on TV lately and I found out it's another show where you have to watch every second of every episode to have a chance of actually enjoying it!

Kind of unusual for a (sort of) comedy (ok very black comedy) .......

I remember watching an episode of it now and then when it was first on ages ago here, and wondering what the heck people saw in it. But it turns out you just literally have no chance of knowing WTF unless you watch the whole thing. There are little clues in it that you have to piece together etc.

I don't always have the time or inclination to devote this much attention to a TV show!

What's your fav comedies?
I don't actually watch all that much comedies these days. I've caught some eps of Seinfeld and Friends and I liked 'em, but I've never followed them.

Are films included in this topic? I really like those absurd slapstick movies with Leslie Nielsen. I saw Naked Gun 2 1/2 a few days ago and it was good, but I think Wrongfully Accused is even funnier. (But NOT 2001: A Space Travesty - that was terrible...)

I'm a bit the same in that I don't actually 'follow' any particular show but, over the course of my life, I have laughed so much I have almost emptied my bladder (or have done P !) during the following:

Fawlty Towers
George and Mildred
Mr Bean
The Goodies (for this and all of the above, we used to only get British comedy on ABC)
Diff'rnt Strokes
Family Affair
Everybody Loves Raymond
Kath & Kim
Thank God You're Here
The Big Bang Theory

Am sure there are heaps more but these are the 'top of my head'...
I have to watch comedies - great stress relief.
Yes movies are ok in this topic !!!!
I am pretty sure I've seen Naked Gun ...... and they used to replay Flying High on TV ALL the time!
I've never heard of Wrongfully Accused, but on the upside I've never heard of 2001: A Space Travesty either!

I like Seinfeld (good one liners), but never really liked Friends.

Yeah Farseer, where would we be without British comedies?? I think the vast majority of my favs would fall under that category (eg the OP!)

I recently liked:

The IT Crowd
Peep Show

I used to like:

Red Dwarf
Of course the Goodies!

As mentioned in other threads (not British!):
Flight of the Conchords
We can be heroes
Harvey birdman attorney at law

I'm sure there's lots more, I'll have to think of them later.
I tend to like British comedy, and verbal comedy rather than physical/slapstick. A long-time favorite is Keeping Up Appearances and another is One Foot In The Grave. My favorite American comedy show is Frasier.
I don't mind Frasier, but as a minor aside I got a bit sick of the whole Niles/Daphne to be honest.

There are a couple of other US shows I do love which I neglected to mention:

30 Rock (although I liked earlier eps better)

Futurama (and again I think the early series were far better than latest ones) (and to be honest there's probably some jokes going over my head because I'm not a big enough sci fi nerd)
Hey Farseer saw an ad the other day saying The Goodies are coming back on TV !!!!!!!!!

We both turned to each other and went 'whoa!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!'
(or words to that effect I'm sure..... we definitely looked excited!)

I think it was ABC2 though, which I don't think that you get?
I hadn't noticed this topic before!

My favourite is Father Ted. That's very close to my own sense of humour; he makes a joke about the Chinese, and all of a sudden there is not only a Chinatown on this little Irish island, some Chinese also happen to stand outside his window at that exact same moment. I love that sort of clever absurdity.

I like Terry Pratchett for that as well; "The librarian hid on top of the shelves as a Thesaurus thundered by." Brilliant! Smiling

I'm not much for the slapstick kind... too silly for me. But my boyfriend Dave loves it and many an evening I've been watching over the top of my book while he laughs himself silly next to me.
(Jul-25-2010, 03:48 PM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: [ -> ]Hey Farseer saw an ad the other day saying The Goodies are coming back on TV !!!!!!!!!

We both turned to each other and went 'whoa!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!'
(or words to that effect I'm sure..... we definitely looked excited!)

I think it was ABC2 though, which I don't think that you get?

Yes, I think it's 8 or 8:30 TONIGHT on ABC2, and I am in town so will get to see it awesome...I will be thinking of you P!!
Hehehe did you remember to watch it?
It was Kitten Kong!

I love when they're on the bike attached to the balloon and Bill starts barking to scare the kitten and Tim goes 'there's a ruddy dog up here!'
Hehe, silly stuff!
And at the very end - 'feed the cat! feed the cat!'

Also of course how cute is the kitten when it goes for a walk in the park on its little harness.

Chrischa I tried watching Father Ted a few times because people seem to love it, but I just never seem to get it. Although those bits you described sound like the sort of thing that happens to me.... not that I am denouncing various races ..... just that bad coincidences happen to me!
I do tend to like the absurd.... or so I thought anyway.

I do love Terry Pratchett's type of humour.

Slapstick I love sometimes but not others!
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