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After my Legacy of Kain and Evil Twin topics, somebody suggested that a videogame topic be set up. So here it is. What kind of games do you like, what are your favorite games, what games are you looking forward to? Discuss.

I myself recently faced great disapointment: the announcement of a new Rayman game.

Now you have to understand that I am huge fan of Rayman. I played the original game more times than is healthy for a person (16 playthroughs. In the end, I could play the game from start to finish in two days, without a single Game Over. Not without deaths, though.). I also loved the sequels Rayman 2, Rayman M and Rayman 3. And then it all went downhill. The next three games revolved around the Raving Rabbids, stupid bunnies who upstaged Rayman and turned the gameplay from platform to a collection of minigames.

The Rabbids have now been spun-off into a new series and Rayman is getting his own games again. This is the trailer for Rayman Origins:

I suppose they're trying to go for a "so stupid its funny" effect, but the new art style and humor do not appeal to me. I've waited so long for a real Rayman game and now I'm getting this???
Ahhh... a videogame thread. Thanks to my boyfriend Dave, I know much more about this topic then I should.

I'm sorry to hear you're dissapointed with the new Rayman trailer, Albertosaurus Rex. I immediately wanted to play it when I saw it, but then funny monsters are totally my sort of thing (the name of my business is 'Happy Monsters'), and I've never been a big follower of the franchise. I can completely understand that it isn't fun to see your favourite character being "stupified".

I love playing fantasy games... big surprise. Smiling My favourite game is The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. But I've also enormously enjoyed Fable 1, Black & White, and (peeks around to make sure no-one is watching)... the second Harry Potter game. Flying on a broomstick over Hogwarts castle was quite an experience. Smiling

I try to avoid large online games such as World Of Warcraft, though. I know I would play them too much, I can get a bit obsessive sometimes. Better to not start them at all.
On the upside, this trailer inspired me to play Rayman 2 again, generally considered to be the best game in the series. (And I would agree with that.) To my amazament, it still works perfectly - other games released around the same time (Which is about 11 years ago) often don't work properly on my current computer - if they work at all!
I'm a bit of a everything sorta gamer, but I normally play anything with guns or RPGs.
Past favourites would have to be FF 7-10, Star Ocean 2-3, NFS Hot Pursuit 2 (there making a new Hot Pursuit, yay) Those are what come to my head atm, but theres plenty more.
When I'm bored and I've got new games I'll normally play TF2 or CS:S
I've just finished Red Dead Redemption and I'm trying to buy Demon's Souls as it just came out in AUS but it's sold out EVERYWHERE.

I'm currently looking forward to Dead Space 2, Dead Rising 2, Little Big Planet 2 and Portal 2... alot of twos...
But Yea, i'm a bit of a gaming nerd P

If anyone wants they can add my PSN account Liquid_Ice_VI or my Steam profile name is Liquid In Silico. Or maybe I have to give my actual account name for my steam? Idk.
I haven't played all that much videogames in recent years, with certain exceptions (Prince of Persia, yay!) I'm currently on a Rayman binge. After finishing Rayman 2, I'm now playing through Rayman 3. Not quite as good as the second game, but still very enjoyable.
Anyone ever play some of the old school adventure games? They hold a special place in my heart.

I was particularity fond of "Beneath A Steel Sky" which you can download for free now days, and I prompt you all to do so P and the Myst series.

I remember when my sister got "Riven". Which was a sequel to Myst. I'd sit there watching her play through this amazing world and was fascinated by the fact that she had this little note pad full of markings and things she found in the game. As you really did have to write all the stuff you found to figure the puzzles out.
Oh yes! King's Quest, Space Quest... although I really was too young to actually understand what was going (English not being my first language) and used a walkthrough for a lot of puzzles. But I had the time of my life. Never played any Myst games, though.
I loved Myst! It took me over a year to play through it and it was such a fascinating, mysterious world. One of the first video games I ever played (hence my slow playthrough... give me some leeway). I remember spending weeks just on the first island, not even knowing what on Earth you were even supposed to do. Smiling
I also got pretty far in Riven but never finished it, it was a bit too hard and by that time I also had constant Internet acces, which allowed me to read a guide everytime I got stuck, but which actually took away a lot of the fun.

And I remember the notes, too... I had five pages full by the time I drifted out of playing Riven. I also made a map of the entire maze underneath the lighttower world in Myst.
Did any of you ever play any of the following sequals? I believe there were 5 in total, weren't there?

There was actually a book written around the world of Myst, I remember reading a library copy and it was pretty good, but I haven't seen it since nor do I remember the title.
I have a book written around the world of The Elder Scrolls on the way as well, I'm curious what that will be like. Smiling
Haha yea, by the time I had my go at Riven I had a PS1 and it didn't hold my attention long enough for me to finish it. Though I do remember watching the end with my sister. Also though my sister also did play the orig Myst I didn't care much for it till I got a copy of my own a few years ago. Was able to finish it with out the help of guides so I was happy about that P

I played and finished Myst III: Exile. It was pretty good. Though not as challenging as I hoped the world was beautiful and a joy to play through. Never got around to 4-5. Heard they were pretty good but nothing revolutionary compared to the others,
I discovered Eversion (Freeware, you can download it at that link) a few days ago. It's great! (Oh, and I'm through Rayman 3. In just two days!)
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