Full Version: Fool's Quest
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This thread is for NEWS about the next Fitz and the Fool book. Feel free to post them and use this as a place for general spoiler-free discussion. Once the book or a significant number of advanced copies are out, we can start a discussion about the plot in the RotE room.

Looks like Fool's Quest (US) / The Fool's Quest (UK) will be published in August 2015. The amazons don't yet quite agree on the date, so we will have to wait for some kind of official confirmation about the date (11th and 13th seem popular choices atm). US cover art by Alejandro Colucci has been posted online already, and Jackie Morris will again make the cover art for the UK editions.
A batch of US advance reader copies have been released into the wild so it's a good idea to tread carefully in review blogs and social media unless you want to be spoiled. Also, if anyone here has already read the book and wants to discuss it, feel free to do so but PLEASE start a new thread in the RotE room and label it clearly with spoilers!

It's exactly 70 days until the real publication date today!