Full Version: Question on a passage in Golden Fool
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I was wondering what you think Fitz is trying to remember in this passage from Golden Fool on p. 71-72 of the Bantam mass market paperback:

Dutiful gave me a very direct look and he seemed to speak with Verity's bluntness as he asked me 'Could you put your duty to your monarch ahead of protecting a member of your own family?That is what I asked myself? If my mother were threatened, what could I be forced to do? Would I betray the Six Duchies for the sake of her life?

Lord Golden shot me a Fool's glance, one that was well pleased with this boy. I nodded to it, but felt distracted. Dutiful's words itched at me. I suddenly felt there was something important I needed to remember but could not trace the thought any further. I could not think of an answer to Dutiful's question either, so the silence lengthened.

I don't think he would have forgotten when he was pressured to choose between serving King Shrewd and his love for Molly. What could it be then? I was thinking it's a suppressed memory of his mother. Thoughts?
I'm not exactly sure, but that's a good question!!

I feel like Lord Golden's look is obvious, because during the entire 1st trilogy Fitz absolutely gives up everything to put his duty to his monarch first. I am curious, however, if maybe this was one of the memories Fitz put into Girl-on-a-Dragon and couldn't quite remember. He put everything of his mother in there, so you could be on the right track. He also put almost everything of Molly in GoaD, too.
Thanks for the feedback. I think you're right about it being a memory lost to the Girl on the Dragon. The fact that he hears Dutiful speak with Verity's voice indicates it's a memory of Verity asking Fitz this very question.