Full Version: Has any of you ever read anything by Karen Miller?
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When her debut duology Kingmaker, Kingbreaker first came out, it didn't look all that interesting to me. However, her Godspeaker trilogy really draw my eye. It sounded wicked awesome te me - a slave girl who rises te become empress and an emphasis on religion. However, I've heard mixed things about her and about that trilogy in particular. So can any of you tell me anything?

And one other thing. You know how they always say "Never judge a book by its cover"? It's true, but having cool covers helps. For some reason stuff like this really draws my eye:

[Image: n274663.jpg]

(And how cool is that title?)
Sorry, can't help...but you're right...a very cool title P !
I have all her books, and I've always liked them. There is a freshness and humour about her writing which I find very appealing. The stories are good as well, there've always got a very good setting. Her take on how religion can set an entire people askew is very interesting.

However, I won't deny that there is something lacking... I can't quite put my finger on it, but it lacks depth somewhere. It's like diving into a swimming pool and then swimming the lenght of the pool just under the surface, instead of going deeper all the time, like you feel you're doing with a RH book.

Hard to put into words. She's definitely not my favourite author, yet I'll be happy to buy every book she writes.
That sounds promising. I just might pick up some books by her one day - after I am done with my final paper and get through those other books that I have lying around. (Gotta finish the Dreamsongs collection. And The Stone Dance of the Chameleon.)

What series do you suggest I start with? It was Godspeaker that first drew my eye, but it appears that Kingmaker, Kingbreaker is the more popular series.
Well, problem solved there. I came across books 1 and 2 of Godspeaker in the bargain section today. I still had a book coupon left that I got for my birthday, so I scooped up those books plus the third one (Gotta have the full set). Gotta go with my gut - this is the trilogy that drew my eye, so this is what I'm gonna read first.

I do wonder about the title change, though - apparently, Empress (book 1) was called Empress of Mijak in it's native Australia. Now what's up with that?
Sorry, I hadn't seen your question, but you made a good choice because that series is definitely the more interesting one.

I don't know about the title change either, but my best guess is that it simply wasn't necessary. The lands she becomes empress of is indeed called Mijak, but that doesn't really add anything to the title, doesn't it?

Enjoy your read! Smiling
As an aside, in case you didn't know, Karen Miller also writes as K.E.Mills.
Yeah, I noticed that. They don't look as interesting as the Karen Miller books, but if I like her writing, I'll check them out.