Full Version: Fool's Quest Chitter Chatter (NO SPOILS)
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Good evening to you all i have only recently found this site and am gutted i never discovered it in 2010 when i finished my 9th RH book. I am a noob to the forums but a veteran when it comes to Fitz and the Fool. I hope this is still somewhat active and can get a good chat going for the new Fools Quest book to be released tomorrow or yesterday depending on location.

I am so anxious to read the new one, especially with the 300ft cliff we are left hanging off and if you are like me, i have been hanging too bloody long now the rope is starting to chaffe.

Hey minisam and welcome! It's a bit quiet around here these days, but things usually pick up a bit around the publication of new books.
I'm impatiently waiting for my copy of Fool's Quest too, I think it might be next week until it arrives because it hasn't shipped yet. Has anyone got theirs, and if so, did you go for the US one that was published two days earlier than the UK one?
I am 3 quarters of the way through mine. And im finding it an emotional rollercoaster. That best describes it for me with no spoils. The plot is rich and advances well with a few lulls, but they are needed. All in all its just awesome to get back to the farseer family and buckeep politics.
Oh I definitely agree with you. I was way past the middle of the book before I found a place where I felt I could take a breath. So many old characters from all the previous books getting mentioned or even brought back to the tale, and all the emotions that came along!