Full Version: Verity's Sword (ALL RotE books spoilers)
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I started reading the books Fool's Assassin and in the beginning of the book it said (in the Dutch version) that in Fitz's study, he took a look at Verity's Sword hanging above the fireplace. Didn't Fitz and Prince Duty swap swords in the Tawny man trilogy? With Duty giving Fitz Chivalry's sword and Fits giving Duty Verity's sword? So shouldn't it be Chivalry's sword hanging there?
I thought about this too, but when they exchanged swords in FF, Fitz promised to give Chivalry's sword back to Duty (love that nickname) once he became the crowned king, as Chivalry's sword was fancier and more kingly than Verity's. This would have had to happen "off page".