Full Version: Just Finished Fool's Fate (Spoilers)
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I stayed up late to finish Fool's Fate last night, so I had to stop by today - I knew you'd all understand! I don't find as much time to read since becoming a parent, and staying up late is a risky gamble - I could be up in the night anyway - but it was worth it. I finished FF and have been floating on a cloud of contentment ever since. Smiling

I won't say too much, as I'm not sure if "(Spoilers)" in the title is enough or if I have to use the tags inline aswell.. With the spoilers warning, are we just free to talk any amount of detail in here?

Before finishing FF, Robin Hobb's books were among my favourites and I always looked forward to reading another when the time was right. But now I feel they're becoming something really special to me, more than just favourite.

What next? I'm really curious about the early books as I read them some years ago and find myself wondering how things got started. Fitz's first days in Buck Keep now feel like ancient lore to me - to read them again would be quite special. But, I haven't read the LST or RWC books yet.. My wife is starting on the new Fitz and Fool trilogy, but I just can't go there yet myself!

I think I'll just float for a while..

I'd like to be more active here, but until I've read more of the books there are so many spoilers here it's quite dangerous to hang around. ;-)
10am, at desk, eyelids drooping..

But so worth it.
About the spoiler warning: once you mention the book or series in the header and the word "spoilers" I think it's a given that that's what's gonna be in the discussion, so no need to use additional tags (unless mentioning something from other books that could be considered spoilery!)