Full Version: Stay-up-late to finish it moments..
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I stayed up late last night to finish Fool's Fate. Late for me these days (as a parent) is around midnight. Back in the day, late was much later..

What fond memories do you have of staying up late to finish a good Robin Hobb book?

Or have you gone one step further and enjoyed an epic length Hobb-a-thon?

Help me feel it was worth it while I sit here and fight sleep at my desk. Smiling
Sorry for the delay nettletea, I only just now saw and "approved" this post (this is a special spam-fighting measure for this part of the forum).

I've actually tried to pace myself with the last two Hobb books. Meaning that although I can't really force myself to concentrate on much else besides reading, I try to take regular breaks to eat& sleep and just generally... not rush through the pages but enjoy and take in all the details. And also not go online, because I want to avoid spoilers. But with some of the previous titles I definitely remember reading wayyy past midnight. Big Grin