Full Version: Moonseye
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I've just re-read Ch1 of AA, and re-learnt Fitz is first taken to Moonseye, an 'outpost'. I determined this was likely near the Mountain Kingdom somewhere, as it was certainly colder than Buck and Fitz says 'down to walmer lands', or similar, when he recalls leaving.

When I checked this site's wiki, there was this additional info:

"Town near the Mountain Kingdom's border. It is a provisioning town and traditional stopping place for trade caravans using the Chelika trail to the Wide Yale pass and the lands beyond the Mountain Kingdom."

Is there a way to find on the wiki where in the original texts information is taken from? An index or something? For example, how do we *know* Moonseye is near the MK border? And where is it described as a place for trade caravans using the Chelika trail to the Wide Yale pass and beyond?
No, unfortunately there's no citation system. I've considered it now and again and personally think it would be a great idea. (Just something simple like "FE:4" to mean the info is form Fool's Errand Chapter 4 for example. Or if we don't want to clutter the article page, it could be added to the summary field with each edit.)
But the reality is that the wiki currently has very few active contributors and I simply don't personally have the time to start going through the existing articles to add that info. If someone else is keen on implementing the system, go for it! Smiling
To answer your question about the additional info on Moonseye, I would think it's from Assassin's Quest.