Full Version: A Natural History Of Dragons. Brennan, Marie. (And other works)
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So Amazon in it's infinite wisdom put this up in my recommendations list.... And I love it. you can see her dragon related works here and so far I am a few chapters in to the subject book, and have a while until I can touch on the trilogy. 

Of course I mention it here as I am immediately reminded of Alise and her obsession, in fact the protagonist (heroine?) has so many things in common with our beloved Alise they could be a pair of socks from the same bolt of cloth!.
This looks intriguing and I love the cover art!
12 days, 4 books!

Right, it isn't a stand alone and a trilogy, it is a Quartet, set out as a series of memoirs.

Very girl power, very good world building, and great story telling. I wholeheartedly recommend the set to anyone with an interest in natural history, archaeology, dragons, travel writing, circumlocutious(sp?) story telling, and the occasional near death experience or two.

Whilst they are not substantial reads the writer imbues a great deal of life to every location and character and weaves a glorious tale that leaves you needing to turn just one more page. Well paced and utterly dripping with the details I love in good fiction to keep me wondering about the world even when the pages are shut, or worst, finished.

Such a thoroughly enjoyable read that I shall be indulging again when I am off for the summer.