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Ok, not many posts on here re The Soldier Son trilogy so here's a thread I'm going to hog for my own on-going predictions as I progress through the three books Smiling . I can't really take part in other discussions just yet, seeing as I'm only up to Chapter Seven (!) in 'Shaman's Crossing', and, this way, I can see what I get right by the end.

I'm guessing that Nevare will later bypass his recently revealed, arranged pairing with Carsina to pursue a relationship with the younger, half-plainswoman Sil Halloran, who he met in the very first chapter. That's it for now...starting small Big Grin !

I can't wait to get the trilogy finished so I can jump into a comparative discussion between Gernia and the RotE! It took me a while to get into but now that I'm here, I'm hooked...
Whooooo... I'm not telling. Smiling
Big Grin Thanks Chrischa!!!

Nevare is about to begin his training at the King's Cavalla Academy (Chapter Nine) doubt the new commander will change things up a bit and life will prove to be especially difficult for the soldier sons of the battle lords.

Seeing as 'old nobility' and 'new nobility' are terms that could just as easily apply to present-day boarding school divisions (at some schools I know of, at least), I expect that this kind of hierarchy will be a divisive factor between cadets at the King's Academy also.

While it could go one of two ways, I imagine it will not bode well at all for Nevare personally, to have so famous a father as 'Lord' Burvelle either. Someone, somewhere, will not take kindly to his father having been elevated in status via battle/field experience!

Obviously something will happen to him soon regarding his previous experience with the tree woman but I'm not sure what...he may turn against his upbringing and side with the Specks?
Finished the first book and I think Nevare's plumper condition toward the end has something to do with Tree Woman and the magic? She is described at times as being rather large (like a tree is large, I am supposing?) and therefore Nevare will end up with this tree-like body size as he had a connection to her/the magic?

Also, the 'fat' ex-cavalla man in the freak tent during Dark Evening had told Nevare that he had suddenly grown large after being struck down with the Speck plague...maybe this is to be Nevare's fate as well? I wonder if this could then mean that he will be forced to abandon his cavalla future as the fat man did? Won't his father be pleased if that happens?!! Dr Amicas has already sent him a missive suggesting Nevare take a year's leave so maybe the doctor knows something? Maybe Nevare will become a scout after all.

As for the magic, the part of Nevare that was in Tree Woman's world was eating magic like soup from a leaf and he also consumed the souls of the dead after they had crossed the bridge. Now that Nevare and he are reunited, possibly the 'united' Nevare will show that as increased weight. Maybe he will grow to a large, tree-like size when he becomes full of the magic?

Not sure where the fat man from the freak show fits with that theory though? His size would have to mean that he had also been taken by Tree Woman and filled with magic? This would make sense as he had also been a young cavalla man, like Nevare, when the plague struck. Possibly he had failed Tree Woman/the magic in some way and that is why she had to then use Nevare? Why leave the unused magic stored within the fat man though, and others like him?

I doubt Nevare has seen the last of Tree Woman (or the consequences of his connection with her, at least), Caulder or Colonel Stiet.
These beings are unsure about all details, as they have only read about 1 1/2 book of this series, but they find the events very different from RotE stories.
If Nevare is putting on weight due to the consumption of magic, it is highly likely that he could then lose this added weight by ridding himself of the magic through either use of it or some other means?

As Spink has shown promising signs of recovery after being dipped in the eastern springs, could it not also assist Nevare in some way? If I had been Nevare, as soon as I'd heard of the healing properties of the water, I'd have taken Sirlofty and headed east!
Nevare has just been posted as the Gettys cemetery guard. That his Speck-self likes to consume the souls of the dead makes me think he may be the one they all ought to be guarding against...all those graves and dead bodies scream "SMORGASBORD!" for one such as he!!!

Knowing Epiny's relationship with the dead, I expect she will pop up in the vicinity of the cemetery somehow?

Interesting that Hitch is also a tool for the magic but has not gained weight like Nevare. Can't think why yet! Ah, maybe he did not become intimately involved with Tree Woman, nor ate souls as Nevare did (is rather just a simple tool after his accepting life).

I wonder if Nevare will manage to be true to the different aspects of himself and unite the various groups in some fashion, while still possibly being responsible for some major engineering undertaking to complete the King's Road (in a way that is acceptable to the Specks)?

If he is concerned by the loss of magic via the Dancing Spindle, why does he not just remove the blade?!
I've always liked the first book, but then I like reading about extraordinairy schools and such. I think the character of Nevare is well set-up; very much a product of a high-class, aristocratic upbringing, and yet there is that spark of respect in him for everybody else. I suppose it's because he has been brought up to not look actively down on anyone, other then the Old Nobles' sons. And yes, I know that those feelings are there in the way his father threats those "tame" Plainspeople, but he has at least never told Nevare to consider them inferiour. That sort of thing can create real monsters from young boys.

I also love Epiny! She's so clever and strong. It only surprises me that of all the people she knows, only Spink manages to see the reason for her childish behaviour. They make a perfect match.

I felt genuinly very upset when Nevare sailed past the old forest when they travelled the river on their way to Old Thares, and then saw it being destroyed. The whole theme of the destruction of one civilisation by the hands of another, that thinks of itself as superiour, is such a fascinating undercurrent in the whole story, and one that I'm personally very interested in as well.
I loved the subtle mentions of growing number of "preservationists" (sorry, I forgot how they are named in the book), who fight for restoring the Plains People to their old way of life. But that's too late, of course.

I'm reading through the books as well, right now, but for the third time. I'm currently halfway through the last book, so I'll be very careful for spoilers! But I'm very happy that you started this topic because I always thought that there is a lot more to the story then people sometimes give it credit for, even if it pales in comparison to the world of the Elderlings.
Just had a thought re the Speck plague. As it mimics death, maybe it is merely a tool for the Tree Woman to obtain souls from people/choose people like Nevare after testing their worthiness to be used by the magic? That is why the Specks are thought to desecrate the dead? The plague tricks the Gernians into thinking the bodies are dead, and once buried alive or weakened by plague symptoms, like fever, they are easier for the Tree Woman or the magic to infiltrate.

Whatever it is, the twelve hour timeframe as spoken of by Dr Amicas (at least, I think it was twelve!) has to be there for a reason...either souls stay with their bodies for only twelve hours after death or the magic has only twelve hours within which it can make a choice as that is as long as the plague can mimic death etc??

I hear you laughing as you think, "She has NO IDEA!" Big Grin
Not quite sure why I'm thinking these couple of things but I've a 'Fool's feeling' that Caulder will end up courting or marrying Yaril and Colonel Stiet will be given command of Gettys, much to Nevare's detriment (assuming that the regiment already in place there will not pass its upcoming inspection). I'm more certain of the former than I am of the latter though, as Stiet's actions toward Nevare, post-Speck plague, surprised a good way!

I also wonder if there is more to the relationship between Hitch and the current Gettys commander...son and father, maybe...hmm?

Feeling blah so I am heading back to bed. I am sick, which is why I have been able to squeeze a bit more reading in, in the last few days! Still, I am looking forward to coming back and chatting with you about your post, Chrischa. Going on what I have read so far, I agree that the series gets a lot less credit than it deserves, and I wish I'd not left it sitting on my bookshelf unread for so long. It's fantastic to know that you are reading the books at the same time Clapping !!
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