Full Version: Possible downtime 2nd of March - good news for 2017!
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Our host has announced they are doing a massive upgrade on their servers this week, and although they say they expect no major issues, it's still good to know about these things in advance. The move is going to start this Thursday the 2nd of March at 09:30PM and continue "overnight" - that's the evening of the day after tomorrow in UTC +2 / Eastern Europe Time (when is that elsewhere?)

So you might encounter hiccups during that time, but if things still look wonky for you the next day, and especially if I'm celebrating a successful move here on this topic despite of it, please do let me know! In case things go wrong, I'll be updating the social media accounts - twitterFacebooktumblr - where you can also contact me.

Now, this upgrade is actually really good news, because it means I can again upgrade the wiki script - we've been stuck on an older version because php compatibility issues. I'm hoping that means I can finally fix some irritating issues like that extra slash// that the wiki paths have and bring on some better functionality with extensions etc. We've also been promised faster loading times, let's see what happens!  Radar

Any news and updates will be posted here - please feel free to add comments, questions or suggestions if you have them!  Smiling