Full Version: Assassin's Fate ending. (Spoilers all rote books)
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So after finishing assassin's fate I went back and started rereading the series and I came across this prophecy"comes the catalyst,to make stone of flesh and flesh of stone at his touch shall be wakened the dragons of earth. the sleeping city shall tremble and waken to him. Comes the catalyst." So I kinda have a theory that fizts may come back. And I do admit I could just be that awakened stone is flesh like. So Thoughts?
Prophecy is from assassin's quest chapter 28 or about 69% of kindle.
I always thought this prophecy was just talking about Girl-on-a-Dragon and Kelsingra being rediscovered. Who knows?

I don't think Fitz will be coming back. Robin talks like him going into a stone-wolf was always the ending she had in mind, and it's so perfect I don't know that I want her to mess with it. I can see her coming back to continue Bee's story, though.
I agree with you completely. This was just a what if that popped into my head while rereading. But I will point out that silver was able to renew the liveships What would happen is a stone dragon drank it.
(May-22-2017, 05:49 AM (UTC))Germ Wrote: [ -> ]I don't think Fitz will be coming back. 

Shouldn't the topic has some spoiler alert has in it?

Added it.
We all yearn for him to come back. We all know he cannot. It would not befit the story. He cheated death so many times that now he deserves his peace.