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(Jun-13-2011, 07:32 AM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]These beings have a strong suspicion that this spot was the beginnings of scales... one of the places scales tend to start growing is along the spine...

Although I still believe it is a mark left over from Amber’s Skill-imbued fingers, there is definitely the possibility that it could be the beginning of scales. While Keffria observed the mark quite soon after the incident aboard Paragon, it is possible that it was this event that triggered the physical changes that would see Malta transform into an Elderling (in that Tintaglia had ‘claimed’ her at that time, and obviously ‘won’ her over the other dragon). Still, it was most likely the contact between Tintaglia and Malta within the Rooster Chamber that triggered change?

(Jun-13-2011, 08:31 AM (UTC))redchild Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm I believe the Fool's Skill-link with Fitz occurred only after he touched the spot on Fitz's wrist when he went into Nighteyes' body to revive him and found he couldn't find his way back.

I was of the understanding that Fool and Fitz were first truly linked at the plaza, by both who they were (The White Prophet and The Catalyst) and by the stone that the plaza was made of. It was then via this tiny link that, among other examples:

* Regal and his coterie later reached through to the Fool and obtained Molly, Nettle and Burrich’s location at Capelin Beach

* that Fitz was able to know, without a doubt, that Fool had not betrayed him (re the prophecy that said something about the Catalyst being betrayed by the one who loves him best)

* that Fitz used to show Fool that he was Fitz and not Verity (while he was in Verity’s body) when Fitz caught him in the act of trying to use his Skill-imbued fingers to finish carving Girl-on-a-Dragon

* that Fitz used to place his own memories inside Girl-on-a-Dragon

(Jun-13-2011, 08:31 AM (UTC))redchild Wrote: [ -> ]Though I don't understand why a second contact with the print would have established that link rather than first contact.

It didn't. Given that they had already shared a Skill-link since the plaza (one that grew in strength with each linking), it was not the initial contact with Fool’s Skill-imbued fingers during the ‘healing’ of Kettle that first established the link - it only served to intensify it to a far greater degree.

After their parting, it was this heightened Skill-link that allowed Fitz to burn a Skill command into Lavoy (to protect Amber and also to alert Brashen) after Amber had fainted on Paragon’s decks due to her ‘changing time’.

From there, it was this already-well-established link that allowed Fool to ‘save’ Fitz during the event that saw Nighteyes choke on the fish in FE.

That could also be it. Though it could be both.
Dragons do tend to have a certain attraction to the fluid skill that the fool got on its fingers. The touch of such fingers would probably attract any dragon.
Combine that with the fact that dragons want strong personalities in their potential Elderlings, and you get ample proof that Malta was just the right thing.

Tintaglia had long claimed Reyn. She had probably got a strong connection to his mind. When he became attracted to Malta, he would probably have formed an unconscious connection to her. Tintaglia would have sensed it, and perhaps utilized it, preparing to claim her as well. The main changes started after her hatching, but the exposure started long before that.
One thing these beings wonder about is whether Tintaglia ever gave her any blood/scale to hasten the transformation. Selden/reyn most likely got theirs upon the hatching, though not fully intentionally. It probably just happened.

I know my thoughts jump around "like fleas" but...

(Jun-17-2011, 02:27 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]One thing these beings wonder about is whether Tintaglia ever gave her any blood/scale to hasten the transformation. Selden/reyn most likely got theirs upon the hatching, though not fully intentionally. It probably just happened.

...I remember that Tintaglia seemed somewhat surprised by the presence of Malta's scarlet crest when she and Malta first came face-to-face (outside of the dream-box environment etc) on the island, ah, Muck Island (?), Stink Island? Tintaglia noted that Malta had been well rewarded with the crest for her role in freeing her.

I don't know Undecided but I recall thinking that it was odd at the time, as though it had taken place without Tintaglia's real knowledge or contribution in any way. Quite unlike how the dragons of the Kelsingra expedition were continually guiding their keepers' changes/transformations into Elderlings. I seem to remember that Thymara's wings weren't completely intentional on Sintara's part, especially initially. As well as Sintara's guidance, Thymara's dreams of flying assisted in their formation but Sintara was still aware of them long before Thymara was? Still, as rare and exceptional as wings on an Elderling are, they weren't a reward (that we are aware of, at least?).

As for Malta's crest, it was almost as if Malta were being rewarded from either an outside source eg Sa (??) or just as a direct physical consequence of assisting or being near the cocoon...but I can't see how the latter could occur without someone or something providing guidance of some kind? Certainly Selden and Reyn were present when Tintaglia emerged and so were 'exposed', I guess, and inevitably underwent an increase in transformation, but Malta was kind of rewarded after the fact?

If Tintaglia herself said the crest was a reward for the role she played, surely someone or something therefore must have bestowed the reward upon Malta?


Why do you keep getting these beings to type out reactions to your theories?

A couple of minor questions concerning the crest:
Did Malta have some form of head wound prior to its growth?
How well-formed was the crest upon first encounter?

Anyways, dragons are shown to be far more perceptive than humans, especially than young humans... The crest... Does it give her (Malta) any special advantages? Tintaglia's words indicated that there was far more to it than merely a cosmetic change...
Does Malta have claws? Did she scale over on more than her arms, head & neck?

The changes in Malta do indicate some form of extra intervention... It is obvious that changes in rain wild traders and even in the Bingtowners are far more advanced than even the presence of the single cocooned dragon (Tintaglia) would trigger.
From our understanding, changes normally only occur in people that are close to any flesh-and-blood dragon for some considerable time. Serious changes only occur if the dragon they are close to for some considerable time is willing and starts it up in a controlled fashion.
Since neither of those factors are true in the rain wild traders & the Bingtown traders, they should not be changing like that. That indicates one of two things:
A. Some (Draconic?) divine power is interfering with those misusing the heritage of the Elderlings, yet rewarding those that live up to it. This force is very much in hiding, keeping itself out of sight from humans and Elderlings both. The changes only start to kill after they are grown up, so they have the chance to make a decision for themselves. If they support dragonkind, the force or power lets them live longer, if they fight its purpose, they die from changes. Those that are fairly neutral, merely die not so old.
B. Elderlings & dragons set up some form of complex "spell" on the region to accelerate the chance process in the humans. Considering how the coast once was (much further out) this would only be effective near the center of the dragon/Elderling domains.
(Jul-28-2011, 08:38 AM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]Why do you keep getting these beings to type out reactions to your theories?

...because you beings are so obliging and fun to hurl theories at...and it saves me having to do even more typing than what I already do?! Clapping

I have a response to the rest of this old post sitting on a Word doc somewhere, and seem to have neglected placing it here as planned...where, oh where, can it be?


These beings suspect it is inside your computer.
Bumping this thread as some of the discussion points herein eg that Malta was going to be in a spot of trouble etc could, or will be, confirmed/revealed in CoD or maybe even BoD...and it may give those of you who have read them something to think about? Undecided I hope!
*confirms and denies lots of stuff*
if others want to discuss Malta, feel free, and 'thul will join.
Some points potentially related to her were brought up in the Elderling creations theory thread by 'thul.
(Jul-26-2010, 09:28 AM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, another question...a little before the event with the dragons, Amber had been speaking to Malta: " '...Your time will come to fly. And when it does, you must be strong, not bloodied and weary.' Amber's eyes went suddenly wider. 'Beware of one who would claim your wings for her own. Beware of one who would make you doubt your own strength..."

So, who was it who tried/would try to claim Malta's wings for her own? I haven't thought much on it but I can't think of anyone off the top of my head, in the LST or RWC, who tried to do this. Wings makes me think someone may take her Elderling status from also makes me think of Thymara and her Elderling status but I'm doubting there'd be an issue there? Thoughts?

My immediate reaction to this phrase upon re-reading it feels right in one of those ways you just KNOW it's right (hahah, great theory proving evidence, yes?)

And that is: Tintaglia is (was) the being who will steal her wings to fly. I don't think it meant Malta would literally fly, but that Tintaglia would take Malta's life in order to free herself and live/fly/be a dragon. Which happened. Tintaglia was inside Malta's head, forcing her to come help.. that Dragon even drowned the crap out of Malta (in memories) in order to be free knowing that, first drowning, then opening the chamber could possibly kill the human. But Tintaglia didn't care. As long as she could live and fly.. who cares if the puny human died in the attempt to free her, right? Dodgy

So I believe Amber's advice was to beware Tintaglia using her in order to live and be free. Luckily for Malta, she didn't die in the attempt. AND, one of the reasons I believe she didn't become a great drooling babe from that intense drowning is because:


(May-18-2011, 11:41 PM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]Does this mean that Amber and Malta shared a tiny Skill-link from that point and, as it was never removed, they share it still?
(May-18-2011, 11:41 PM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]Why did Fool's removal of the fingerprints totally delete the Skill-link he'd had with Fitz for so long....

I think you sorted out your own riddle in the same post but didn't even realize it, Farseer. P

If the Skill-Link between Fitz and Fool was 'severed' after Fool removed his fingerprints.. then deductive reasoning would state that, even if he did have a Skill-Link with Malta due to the dragon-saving episode, it would now be severed also (due to aforementioned fingerprint skill removal). Proud

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