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England was a colony before it was a "homeland".

Also, no, it was not a colony of rome, but rather an roman province. Big difference.

It was a colony around the same time period that the Vinland colony is from.
The colony was lost back in the day when Wilhelm bastard defeated its king, Harald II Godwinson at that battle of Hastings.

These beings wonder if enough clues have been given now.
(Aug-26-2010, 12:53 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]These beings wonder if enough clues have been given now.

Though I'm sure everyone else on here got it straight away, you beings are too clever for uncultured convicts such as I...France somewhere would be my only guess?! There are too many places up there in the Northern Hemisphere!!!
That guess would be incorrect.
Yesterday, I went to a "Culture night" with my best pal. This consists of a lot of weird acts, weird art and some bands playing. It's very difficult to actually take seriously, but it's kinda fun. So why do I bring that up here? Because one of the acts we went to see is "We Solo Men". YouTube has this trailer:

The actual performance lasts for over an hour, and what they're not showing here is that near the end, they're all walking around in just their underpants... including those two guys that turn out to be actually girls, which is not as exciting as it sounds as they're still wearing their fake moustaches. Anyway...

We mostly found it to be very weird, but it has me wondering. When I write a story, I feel like I'm baring my soul. My prime objective is of course to write a good story, one that people will enjoy, but I am revealing something about myself as well. I imagine it must be that way too for the choreagrapher of this piece, but what could it possibly be? The description states that it's about "the desire to entertain on one hand and the inability of communication on the other." Whatever that means.

Back to myself... I still haven't heard back from that magazine. My favorite newspaper Trouw is holding a writing contest. You can write whatever you like, as long as it doesn't exceed 700 words and the theme is "What I would want to forget most." I have some ideas bouncing around in my head...

EDIT: Good grief, I have made so many typing errors that I just keep catching new mistakes and editing this post over and over again.
If you want weird acts, go to the Incubate festival in Tilburg next week.
I'm not usually looking for this kind of thing, I have to say. I went because it was in my town and because it was free. It's fun once in a wile, but in general it's not really my thing.

I'm trying to get the photo's and films I made on my computer, but for some reason my Iphone will not synchronise them. Now why is that?
Hmmm .....

Re your question about what the choreographer of this piece intended to communicate to us I have no idea. Maybe I'd have to watch the full hour of performance, but I find myself having no desire to do that!
Then again for some reason I can usually enjoy watching a dance performance without being able to describe in words what I thought it was 'about' , unlike when I view things like paintings etc when I for some reason demand to know just what the artist is on about!
It's probably intrinsically more interesting to watch actual people doing things then to look at something hanging on a wall ..... hehehe

Re your question about Iphone I have no idea as I dont have one.
(Aug-26-2010, 03:50 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]That guess would be incorrect.

'thul! You can't just leave it hanging up there like that! Please put me out of my misery...where do you beings reside??!!
Considerably further north.
Well, if the languages thread is anything to go by (I hope you don't consider that cheating P), I believe the ‘Thul come from the country where Slartibartfast created some of his most cherished work. Big Grin In fact, I’ve been contemplating going there for a quick visit when I go to Sweden in December. Maybe I could get some sight-seeing tips from you!
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