Full Version: Suggestion: automatically generated threads
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I remember frequenting another site some years ago which had a forum. Whenever a news item was posted on the front page, a "talkback" thread would be automatically generated (or made by the admin, I'm not sure) on the forums.

What do you guys (Mervi especially, of course) think? Would this be desirable on ThePlenty?

EDIT: Oh, this should have gone into that other subforum.
Yea that would be pretty cool feature. Def when it comes closer to new book releases.
I think this is normally doen through an RSS feed?
I dunno but yea would be good if possible
Hmmm I don't know whether every single item would warrant its own thread? Maybe one News thread?
I think there's a plugin for this, because I remember considering it but decided most of the "front page news" aren't really worthy of getting their own topics (how many of us would really want to discuss about French translations for example?) And anyway, there's the comment option in the main site (although I have to admit it's a bit frustrating you can't use the forum's login there - that's because the script I use to post them precedes any idea of ever having a forum on this site. P)
But if this is something many of you would want to have, I'll look into it.

Someday I will find the time to revamp and integrate the whole mess. In the next century or so... Dodgy
I'm happy putting comments on the main site but it maybe mightn't hurt to have just a 'News' thread, as Nuytsia suggested?? So long as we (me!) didn't get carried away and just kept it to a news thread? At least then we could all have little discussions based on the opening couple of comments especially if they don't really belong in a specific thread eg I thought about bringing mervi's comment re Buttermilk as a cat's name to the forum in the cats thread and also a comment about the news of fourth part of the graphic novel to the other appropriate thread?
Though when I think about it who is really going to comment and talk about
"French Dragon Keeper published this autumn"
"French graphic novel series continues with Molly"
Really a comment or two might be said but a proper discussion?
I mean there great for a read, especially if your French, but would people want to talk these kind of topics to warrant a forum section?