Full Version: Small, random questions about RotE that still bother you (spoilers all RotE books)
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(Mar-11-2012, 09:35 AM (UTC))Narya Wrote: [ -> ]I meant thank you for pointing it out to me.

Good-o! Smiling

(Mar-11-2012, 09:35 AM (UTC))Narya Wrote: [ -> ]I did try to find the discussion before I posted about it, but I didn't look hard enough or else I would have found it.

Not to worry...I can't even find posts I've written half of the time, let alone ones written by someone else long before I got here. Grouphug I think I was 'cleverer' back in 2010 (when I had more time to think on things...or just 'younger'?!) so it's better for all of us if I just direct to old discussions... Big Grin ...of course, there was the odd time when I would throw in a cannon or some-such where a cannon or some-such just did not belong. 22

(Mar-11-2012, 09:35 AM (UTC))Narya Wrote: [ -> ]So I guess the answer is that the fool is "gender-fluid".

Well, that's one theory. I guess we won't know for certain until Fool feels like sharing such secrets with us...if they are even secrets. Wink
On the fool, gender is irrelevant.
(Mar-11-2012, 03:02 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]On the fool, gender is irrelevant.

This. Proud

(Altho I will always think him a HE and no one will ever change my mind, lol. Ultimately: it doesn't matter.)
(Mar-11-2012, 01:18 PM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]Well, that's one theory.

Is it? I mean, I thought it's pretty much 'canon' that the Fool is genderqueer. Throughout the course of the nine books the character appeared in, 'he' was male, female, both and/or neither. None of the identities were really a 'lie'. I get the impression he (I use the male pronoun because that's how he goes in six out of nine books) has a sort of background androgynous gender identity when he's simply 'Beloved', but otherwise he seems to treat changing his gender like other people would change their pants. Actually, shirt would be a nicer metaphor, because as with a change of shirt, underneath always beats the same heart (awww) regardless of the trouser specifications.

I think the Paragon, more than most characters, would understand that somebody can be many things and one thing at the same time. He might have glimpsed that Amber had other identities, but it would have been hypocritical of him to doubt the existence of the woman that was Amber. Maybe every now and then he caught fragments of dreams and thoughts from Amber where she seemed to be a strange, pasty boy in jester's clothes, but people have imagined themselves as weirder things. Maybe he even thought 'the Fool' was the boy she'd left behind her (technically, he was!).

On top of which... this is going to sound a bit crass...Paragon is a sentient ship. You know the phrase 'stranger things happen at sea'? The concept that anybody in woman's clothing is to all intents and purposes a woman would probably be quite normal to him, when you consider that he would have some experience with testosterone overdosed crew members on long and lonely voyages.

I'm suddenly intrigued by the idea of a homosexual or transgender dragon, though. Could a male-born dragon become a queen dragon?
(Mar-16-2012, 01:15 AM (UTC))Omie Wrote: [ -> ]I'm suddenly intrigued by the idea of a homosexual or transgender dragon, though. Could a male-born dragon become a queen dragon?

In Robin's world, I don't know if dragons can change gender. In the world we live in, some animals can change gender or reproduce by themselves (parthenogenesis). They aren't tied to the XY chromosome determination that people are (mostly) tied to. Here's more, if you want to get technical:

In Robin's world, I don't know if dragons might be attracted to the same sex. That, too, happens among animals in our world.

there's been no indications of gender change capability in the dragons so far. truthfully, the fears in LST and early RWC that there were too few queens rips away a lot of potential support for gender change.
'When Althea kept her own features perfectly still, the woman's smile faded to a look of disdain. That expression did not change as she set a slender-fingered hand to her flat belly. As if those gloved fingers had touched her own midsection, Althea felt a chill dread spread throughout her.'

I've read these lines thrice now and still trying to decide quite what's happening here. I can only surmise it's something to do with Amber's 'skilled' hand but can't think why it would affect Althea unless she has some 'skill' ability herself? Am I missing something or will all become clear? This is only my second read of SoM so I'm allowed a confussed moment or two I think...that's my excuse anyway P
I asked for everyone's thoughts on the same thing at one's a perfect example of the little mysteries that our Tangle Leader plants in the text to make us nuts! P Of course, they are also the very mysteries that make me love these books so much! Big Grin

Now, I hate to add these old links as I don't intend to still conversation, which I seem to. Down I just like to show what others have said on the matter as well as our 'fresher' group, so, please continue to contribute your ideas while I look as I haven't found it as yet... Detective ...but, just because we've talked about it previously, doesn't mean we ever found any answer. P

I love this particular passage in SOM, fool-ish! Clapping Just think, you'd likely not have asked if you had Volume Three of THG!

Oh good, it's not just me then! So it's likely to remain another enigma linked to the ever enigmatic fool/Amber? Just as it should be...we'd have nowt to ponder if it was all cut and dried and that would be really quite boring P

Having finished CoD, I'm wondering if the whole Tawny Man series was necessary. Or does someone from The Six Dutchies need to ride in at the end and save the dragons? One can always hope.

Obviously, Fool needed to be there to save the FitzFitzFarseer line, but wasn't his ultimate purpose to save the dragons? So far it seems like that will happen with just Amber and the cast of the Live Ship and Rain Wild books.
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