Full Version: Forum rules
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1. Be on your best behaviour like Burrich taught you. No flaming, name-calling, flooding or attacking other posters. (You will be warned and next time around banned.)

2. Your resident Admin has zero tolerance policy on spam and a keen nose for it, so you WILL be deleted and banned. Immediately.

3. Please be careful with spoilers. Not everyone here has read all the books (yet) and just when you first read them, likes to discover the surprises themselves. Learn to use the spoiler code: put the spoilers bits between
[spoiler]these tags[/spoiler]

  • Browse responsibly. Stay away from rooms and discussions which are about books you haven't yet read.
  • Label your discussions clearly. "Wolves in Royal Assassin" is a good title, "I have a question" is not.
  • Use the spoiler code if you're discussing something that doesn't quite belong into that particular topic. For example: comparing Althea and Ki in a discussion about Harpy's Flight? Cool, but hide the parts about Althea since they are spoilers for Liveship Traders.

4. No fan fiction based on Robin's characters, no links to such fanfiction. This is a site-wide policy. You can discuss fanfiction in general, though - there's a couple of topics already. And posting fanart is very much ok.

5. No uploading of illegal copies of books/short stories or links to them.
Robin's publishers sometimes give away free samples or even whole books to download for a limited time, and linking to these is very much okay as long as the offer stands. Some short stories, such as Cut, have been officially published online and are free to read. If you're not sure whether an online copy is legal, ask the moderators before posting a link. Please support your favourite author and don't steal. (Try searching your local library for the book instead. If they don't have it, ask if it's available as an interlibrary loan or if they would consider buying a copy. Also, a lot of the older titles are still available in used books stores, both online and in real shops.)

6. Although there is a room for off-topic chat, this is a forum for a very specific subject. Feel free to discuss your life and thoughts with other users, but please don't use the forum as a platform for your politics/religion/ideology/home business.

Thank you for reading the rules & enjoy your time here. Smiling
Added the bit about illegal online copies of Robin's books. Not that we've had much problem with them yet, just wanted to make sure everyone knows the policy we have here.