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Watched it yesterday. What a massive disappointment. A confused, jumbled mess that did admittedly have good special effects.

Besides failing on its own merits, it was disappointing because I really like the videogame series on which it is based. And there's one other thing bugging me. I understand that some things had to be changed in the transistion from game to movie. For example, in the game, the sands are released and everyone except for the Prince and Farah turns into a and zombie. Having just two characters wouldn't quite work in a film, so I undestand that had to be changed. (Although the new storyline wasn't much good either.) Likewise, I can live with the sands being kept in a Persian city instead of India. But why change the name of the foreign princess from Farah to Tamina?

What a complete failure. Ugh.
Haven't seen it but I heard it was alright. Alright in the sense that compared to the video game it was meh.

But since I have not seen it all I have to say is all movies based of games are bad/average. It's a rare treasure for a movie based of a game to be good.
Yeah, videogame-based movies aren't known for greatness. I've seen the Tomb Raider films, which I thought were okay and the Wing Commander film which I found to be dreadful.

I did have some hope for Prince of Persia because it was made by the people behind Pirates of the Caribbean, which was an entertaining movie based on a friggin' theme park ride. You know, when the film was over I realised that in the video games, I was more emotionally invested in the Prince, even though the games had a rather thin storyline...

If I had to name a really good videogame adaptation, I would actually point to Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM, one of four (!) tv series based on the titular blue hedgehog. I discovered it about a year ago and even though it's meant for children, I found a lot to like about it. (Never lose touch with your inner child!)

(Although to be honest, nothing in the entire series can beat the opening sequence for sheer coolness.)
The only alright movie based of a game adaptation I can think of is Hitman, which was very average and the Resident Evil films. They actually had nothing to do with the Resi Evil plot and only related to the game because there were zombies and a corporation called Umbrella. With the throw in of the occasional monster that was in the game.
They were sorta a so bad that there good kinda series.

Also the sonic cartoons were awesome. At least the old school ones that I remeber.
Soooo good.
Though the end of each ep there were these corny "sonic says" shorts where sonic gives you advice.
For those who are not familiar with the Sonic cartoons, let me explain this: There were actually two cartoons airing at the same time, one very comedic and the other more serious (that's the one whose opening I posted). I did see the comedic one as a kid but strangely, I don't remember the content of the Sonic Sez segments, even though I remember them existing. They must not have made much of an impression on me.

(I did check them out recently. Oh my stars, as Bunnie would say... especially the sexual harassment one you just posted...)
Wow is that for real ?
Heh those crazy Americans!
Yeah, it's pretty crazy. At TV Tropes, this is known as a "Clueless Aesop":

"A deep, rich source of narm. This is when a very serious Aesop is undermined because it's presented by a show that just cannot handle it well.

This is especially common in children's shows. There are many, many cases where a well-meaning show for children tries to explain a newsworthy issue. Sadly, the characters just usually end up way out of their comfort zone and the message often goes way over the poor kids' heads, often because it's so different from the normal tone of the show.

To be fair, any attempt to tackle serious subject matter honestly is problematic when the Moral Guardians are watching. You often end up with children being warned about something dangerous — but exactly why that something is dangerous is often never explained (sometimes this can be Paranoia Fuel)."

And on this particular Sonic frgament:

"The big problem with this, and other episode tags and PSAs like it, is that shows in the Animation Age Ghetto were allowed and even encouraged to warn against sexual molestation, but were forbidden to define it. They could tell kids to tell parents or the cops about "bad touching," but they couldn't say what sorts of touching are bad."

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The horror
Oh dear, well I guess it was begging to be done .... err that sounds bad too .... I'll just go now .......