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(Sep-30-2010, 12:33 PM (UTC))Atthis Wrote: [ -> ]And as for your cricketer, Farseer, I see no resemblance to Kennit at all. Sorry. Big Grin No wait, I just looked at a different photo and I will concede that his eyes are actually quite Kennit-like. But just the eyes - not even the eyebrows. Isn't it funny how the same character can be imagined in so many different ways by different people?

To be honest, I searched for AGES to try and find a still photo that would define/capture my thinking but I found zilch (of course!) and had to just post his official site! What it actually IS about him, I can't really say...possibly it's the persona he exudes whilst playing cricket that unnerves me P ?!

Rendezvous, when I first saw your new avatar, I couldn't help but think it rather Fool-like!
Ok, I juts attempted the box thing, freaked out and gave up... BUT THE POINT IS
Its meant to be the fool, one of the artists i follow on posts some mean fanart thats really one of the only people I agree with when it comes to the way Hobbs characters look.
Not all of its Hobb fanart though.. might have to sift through a little.
(Oct-12-2010, 12:00 PM (UTC))Atthis Wrote: [ -> ]Hmmm, I'm not too sure about that Prince Poppycock either. His expressions don't remind me of the Fool much.
I have to agree with Nuytsia. I never really have a specific idea of a character's face either. Every time I read a book, the essence of the character slowly takes form, with expressions and personality traits having much more impact than actual physical descriptions. In a way that's a really good thing, because it means that my personal imagined character can never be replaced by seeing a movie version of the character - not that I think there's a danger of that with RH's books.

I have to agree right back! You explained it very well ....

And Farseer I will have to renew my interest in cricket and try and watch a match with that guy playing! Do they even show cricket on tv anymore.... I guess they only show matches played in Australia on free-to-air.... I might have to wait a few months..... then I might have to hope South Africa is coming this year..... hmmmmm
I don't even know how I picture Kennit. I think some really bad piratey stereotype probably!!! And and I'm not sure any actual human could have the air of evil I sense!!!!

Rendezvous those pics are really great! Interesting style. What's with this one, I really like it, but I didn't know I was meant to be confused about Paragon's gender too!!! *head hurts*
I really like the pics of Amber .... you could look at them and believe 'that's a girl' but then again you could look at them and say 'that's a guy'. Very well done!
It's interesting to think that if I saw an actual person that looked exactly like any of those pics I would say that's nothing like I imagined those characters, but the pics really communicate certain aspects of the characters personalities and I can say 'yeah'!!! I guess that's portraiture for you!
I was looking at this painting by Frazetta and I instantly thought "it's an Other!"

[Image: 37052_frank_frazetta_carsonofvenus_f.jpg]
These beings have no specific image of exactly what each character looks like. They do however have the ability when seeing images to see that a specific image is not what a character should look like... They got the feeling from the top image that the build was too thin to be chade...

Hard to decide what it looks like. Easy to decide what it does not look like.
(Sep-30-2010, 07:40 AM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]
(Sep-26-2010, 11:18 AM (UTC))redchild Wrote: [ -> ]Anybody else seen anything that reminds them of RotE characters?

I think I've mentioned it before but South African cricketer Dale Steyn brings Kennit to my mind (just add a moustache and remove a leg!). I watched a test series between Australia and South Africa a year or so ago, and every time I saw Steyn I got shivers!

Dale Steyn Official Website

While I have heaps of other, far more important things that I want to chat about on here (though I am heading to bed now to catch up on some sleep so they will have to wait!), I've just realised who it is that makes me think of Kennit even more than Dale Steyn...though I do think he resembles Dale Steyn in a lot of ways.

I had just sat down next to my husband toward the end of the movie Armageddon when I fleetingly saw the face of Jason Isaacs and cried, "Now, that's who I think of when I think of Kennit!" Oh, yeah....long black hair and a moustache...he is definitely Kennit for me. I'm guessing he won't be for anyone else though, especially seeing as Dale Steyn got the thunbs down! P

(Jun-17-2011, 12:24 AM (UTC))redchild Wrote: [ -> ]I was looking at this painting by Frazetta and I instantly thought "it's an Other!"

I can see why, redchild - good one! Clapping
Does Jason Isaacs look as good with long dark hair as with long blonde hair, aka Lucius Malfoy? P
I don't know, fool-ish, you tell me! Big Grin

[Image: jason_isaacs18.jpg]

[Image: 8662587F-50FD-44DD-B7E9-FC06418E1039.jpg]

[Image: jason_isaacs20.jpg]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTSP1oUiQ9wYJ6rbBFbB0A...qhJ67eUkMV]

[Image: N112243-376b1.jpg]

Funny that I'm not the only one who thought he may make good pirate material Big Grin - I didn't even know until I just did a random search for his images! I must admit though that I think he looks a little more like my mind-picture of Kennit with short hair than he does with long hair... Uhhuh
Mmm, now there's a handsome fella! Looks better with dark hair, though I was rather taken with him in the HP films P He'd make a great Kennit too.
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