Full Version: Sold: HC Windsingers omnibus (3-4)
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I have an "extra copy" of two Windsinger books in my shelf, and I thought that before I try to sell it at a Finnish auction site, I'd offer it here. Smiling It's "The Windsingers quartet vol 2" which is the hardcover bookclub edition of Limbreth Gate and Luck of the Wheels - complete and unabridged. It's second-hand but in a fine condition - the only noticeable flaw is the top of the spine and the dustjacket is a bit creased. All pages are clean and there are no markings, price tags or such. I'll gladly post photos if anyone wants that. The price would be around 12 euros + postage (unless there's competition of course P). Feel free to comment, email or PM if you're interested. Smiling

//The book has been sold.
I'm never actually read any Megan Lindholm books. How are they different from Robin Hobb's style of writing? Are they as good or are they so different that you can't even compare them?
I think the main difference is that the scale of the ML stories isn't as large and epic as the RH ones. The cast of characters is smaller in numbers, they usually take place in just one or two settings - one city for example, instead of the whole world. While Fitz's and Nevare's problems are both personal and concerning the fate of the whole world, the ML protagonists tend to just have personal problems, or ones relating to their nearest family members.
I personally think they are just as good. Smiling I also see a lot of common themes and ideas in both lines of her work.