Full Version: New covers for Reindeer People & Wolf's Brother
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Clapping That's FANTASTIC news, for me at least! I am really looking forward to adding these re-releases to my bookshelves, and finally delving into some ML works!!
I picked up Harpy's Flight from Amazon UK a few weeks back and see that all the other ML books are getting re-released next April. Hopefully these books are up to the usual standard, but at least I'll be able to get them now for normal PB price instead of the inflated second hand cost that was the norm on Amazon Market place or eBay!
I received a cancellation from both Wolf's brother and Reindeer people from Amazon, claiming "Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available.". Are the reprints being cancelled?
Uhhuh I hope not!! Rant

I've done a few searches re cancellations but haven't been able to bring up anything...

Voyager has Harpy's Flight, Luck of the Wheels, The Limbreth Gate, The Reindeer People, The Windsingers and Wolf’s Brother all still listed as being released in May. I have asked them what's happening so will let you know if/when I receive a response. If I don't, I'll ask Robin herself.

Has anyone else heard something?
EDIT: As far as I can tell, all of the titles are still able to be preordered from Amazon? If they had been cancelled, surely Amazon would have pulled the purchase links from the site?
(Feb-13-2011, 02:21 PM (UTC))joost Wrote: [ -> ]I received a cancellation from both Wolf's brother and Reindeer people from Amazon, claiming "Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available.". Are the reprints being cancelled?

I bought my new copies of 'The Reindeer People' and 'Wolf's Brother' from the Dymocks stand at Supernova, joost, so possibly it's just something to do with Amazon?

They are definitely still available for pre-order from TBD as well.

Seeing the covers 'for real', I stand by my original opinion - I like them! Smiling

WOW - so the new Lindholm reprints are already available although the publication date was nearer to the end of April? Farseer, was it just Reindeer People/Wolf's Brother or did you see any Ki&Vandien books there too?
Not as far as I could tell, Mervi, though you've got me worried now that I should have double-checked!! One of the Dymocks ladies at the stand DID say that there was only TRP and WB when I asked about Lindholm books toward the back, and so I didn't think to doubt her and barge through to look at the actual books being displayed to the right of the stand...

...looking now at the photo I took, there do seem to be some covers I'm not familiar with but I'm not sure if they are ML books or books from the other authors who were present! I will never forgive myself if I've travelled all that way and not picked up the very books I've been waiting years to get full copies of!! Darn you Predator beings for standing in the way of the stand during the wait!

Off to do a Dymocks check!
We've got the Ki&Vandien covers pretty well, eh, covered in the wiki, perhaps you can check against your photos? Unless they have new covers for those too which we haven't seen yet...

I'm still a bit sceptical about the existense of the Ki&Vandien + Alien Earth reprints... they've been "upcoming" for so many years... I'll believe when I see them irl! Whistling
The picture isn't a good one but it was the only one I could any other time there were just too many people around. This being said, only the spines are viewable, and they don't look like any of the Ki and Vandien books to me. As you say, new covers could be a possibility but I think they are just books from the other authors who were there under the Dymocks umbrella.

My computer's being a pain but will post the pic when I'm able, and will also continue to dig around.
I know it's a terrible quality (and an outdated) photo but I found this from the "show us your bookshelves" topic - here you can see the UK Ki&Vandien backs.

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