Full Version: New covers for Reindeer People & Wolf's Brother
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As seen on the author's website here.

I don't get it. It's not that these new covers aren't good, but compared to the John Howe covers they're just so bland. Besides, why can't they release the books in one volume, as they were originally written? Apparently it was split because of length issues back in the eighties, but with the fat books on the shelves these days, I think it's no longer a problem. These books are both rather thin.
Eww Papyrus.

There are much more attractive typefaces available and they go with Papyrus? It's second only to Comic Sans in the cliche factor.
I actually really like them, and would much prefer them to the old ones. Of course, I am a fan of 'bland' though, as per my posts on the cover art thread Big Grin .
I'm a big fan of KISS, so I like these covers.
I like that, joost Clapping !!
I like them both in their own way!
I would be curious as to why the made the decision to have the new covers though.....
Farseer, I love your new icon. It's not the Emperor is it?

I like the new covers, sans the font. I've had the images in the wiki's cover gallery for awhile but haven't posted them in the main news because we STILL don't seem to have a real release date for these re-prints! These two & the Alien Earth + some Ki& Vandien books have had upcoming re-release dates on sites like amazon for a few YEARS now, the dates being pushed back now and then... But I guess we're closer now that they've released those images... Hopefully! *wants a brand new copy of AE*
(Oct-27-2010, 01:13 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]Farseer, I love your new icon. It's not the Emperor is it?

No, Mervi, just a "random" buck.

Dare I admit that I had to Google "the Emperor" P ?!
(Nov-07-2010, 11:52 AM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]Dare I admit that I had to Google "the Emperor" P ?!

I probably wouldn't have heard of him either, but I've developed a hobbit of reading news through NZ news outlets lately (see what I did there? Wink ) and that how I read about his death. (It's highly unlikely it would be reported here in Northern Europe I think, it's actually quite interesting to compare what sorts of stories are picked up because of shared culture etc).

Oh and now that I googled him too, it seems there are rumours he might be alive after all. Or maybe it's his ghost who came back to protect his herd. Alien

Yes, I've been marathoning classic X-files episodes lately again, why do you ask? Angel
Well, Voyager posted them as well and mentions they'll be released "just after" the Inheritance, so I guess we're looking for an April date (which for once seems to match with what amazon's saying). They also mentioned the re-release of the Ki & Vandien books (which amazon has been promising for years now).
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