Full Version: Akinator, The guessing computer dude.
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I recently stumbled upon this site, (link should work, if not google akinator) and thought it was pretty cool. It's actually been around for a while I believe but I'm sure some of you haven't seen him.

Basically its sorta a 20 questions deal (though can go over, below 20) . You think of a character, fiction/non-fiction, answer his questions and he'll normally get it right.
Example, took him about 22 questions to figure this one out.

[Image: fitz.jpg]

Took him 19 to think of Chade
Give him a go, he's fun to mess around with P
Wow, I had completely forgotten about that site! It's been awhile since I visited and back then it didn't recognise some Farseer characters I tried. I guess they add new stuff all the time. It's really fun to play with, so I second Liquid Ice's rec! Smiling
Haha, this is friggin' brilliant. I managed to narrowly defeat it on my third game, though. I thought of famous Magic: the Gathering designer Mark Rosewater and it came up with Richard Garfield, who actually created the game.
'thul defeated him clearly on the second round. Akinator could not find "belgarion"
Did you submit him to the database? That's how his knowledge grows...

EDIT: Hey, they changed the Fitz picture!

EDIT #2: This is brilliant. I thought of Cameron Mitchell (from Stargate SG-1) and Akinator came up with John Sheppard (from Stargate Atlantis). I kept him guessing and he came up with John Crichton (a character from Farscape played by the same actor as Mitchell) and finally guessed Jack O'Neil (SG-1 again) before giving up.
Apparently he was in the database, but not under the queries 'thul put in.
However, 'thul did find one that was not in the database at all. Olave St Clair Baden-Powell, Baroness Baden-Powell. Founder of the Girl Guide movement. ('thul was certain that her husband would be there, hence why 'thul chose to aim for her instead. People have a much harder time guessing her than her husband.)
I beat him with Thymara the other day. Proud Didn't submit her to the database though, because there were so many questions where I had to select "don't know".
Thymara is in the database now. 'thul only had to answer "I dont know" twice.
Heheheh I know it's not really fair, but if you have someone real in mind that isn't famous it asks some funny questions! (especially after hearing that the thing in question lives in my house!)