Full Version: dragon society [all books]
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Does anyone else think that dragon society will be different due to the struggles of most of the dragons. From icefyres imprisonment to titaglia's as well as watching her generation get slaughtered. Of course this won't be as pronounced as the dragons of the kelsingra expedition.

It has been stated that these dragons are more dependant emotionally on each other. Will that mean that they keep together instead of the traditional solo nomadic culture. Also will the memories they pass on influence future genrations to do the same.
Most likely dragon society will not be the same as it was pre-catastrophe... Both for those reasons you listed and because times change... in the past humans were still quite few and settled few places, in the current times, humans are (almost) everywhere... Their extremely close interaction with their keepers will also change them...
Tintaglia and Icefyre will also probably provide a good contrast of views with the dragons of the Kelsingra expedition. The "older" generation compared with the "new," so to speak.