Full Version: Is kelsingra the same city that fitz discovered [rwc and aq]
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Is kelsingra the same city that fitz discovered becuase some things seem different. Such as no liquid skill, or gorge.
These beings believe it is, but they cannot recall which thread discussed that earlier...
It is, without a doubt (or, at least, so I believe Smiling !). There may be other posts but I have a number that I posted in this *spoilers*Dragon Haven Enjoy it? Hate it? thread where I have outlined my reasons for believing fact, it was this very question that finally prompted me to go from being a "lurker" to a "registered member" on thePlenty P !
Thanka, maybe they just havent explored enough.
Is this a link to the rain wild river?

Quote:For a time our road paralleled that of a milky gray river.
it is from the part of Assasin's quest where they are between the quarry and the garden...
Sorry, 'thul beings, but I had overlooked this question previously...

I know we have chatted about this all somewhere (maybe the thread that dealt with the demise of the Elderlings? Undecided ) but, yes, I always thought that it was simply a reference to the Rain River and the Skill Road.
no worries. these beings are a bit uncertain what they meant back when they wrote that in the first place...

but it does seem to be related to the skill road and whatever river it is that makes the rain wild river run gray-white...
(Dec-03-2010, 06:15 PM (UTC))assasin Wrote: [ -> ]Is kelsingra the same city that fitz discovered becuase some things seem different. Such as no liquid skill, or gorge.

Just realised that I hadn't addressed this: re the gorge. I am assuming that by 'gorge' you mean the part that has been cloven away from the rest (that appears like a rent in the earth). Both Fitz, in AQ, and Tintaglia, in SoD, noted this significant detail of the Kelsingra landscape and then it was still further confirmed by Alise, in CoD. I know that at least Fitz and Alise likened it to having a giant axe split the earth. EDIT: This is what my 'giants-will-eventually-be-introduced-into-the-realm theory' mostly stems from. END EDIT.

As far as the Skill River goes, as per the link in my previous post, both Tintaglia and Fitz noted the well and windlass and this was how the Elderlings of old brought up the silver Skill to offer to the dragons (from memory, one such woman who drew the Skill up from underground wore green and gold). Outside of Fitz witnessing it through his Skill-link with Verity in AQ, that he did not see (nor yet have those characters in RWC so far) the actual river where Verity and Kettle did lathe themselves, only means that it is not in that specific location. Given that it is detrimental to humans, it only stands to reason that the silver Skill would be kept somewhat protected lest it inadvertantly do someone damage. Dragons, Elderlings and humans inhabited the city and region together so the human element likely had to be protected from the Skill.

On a tangent I've not explored before (off-the-cuff stuff this!), maybe that human element was jealous of the dragon and Elderling use of the precious silver liquid (as well as their beauty, ability and status in society etc) and thus acted to make it, and the subsequent rewards, available to all?

Wherever that Skill River is, you can be sure that Pecksies have access to it also. Smiling