Full Version: What are the best tennis shoes?
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The best tennis shoes depend on many factors. I like ASICS and ADIDAS, as those have served me well in the past. Factors to consider are the shoe fit as some shoe brands run wide, small, long, narrow, etc. Then you must consider what type of player you are. Are you a toe dragger or a person who likes to slide around the court a lot? If so, you might want to consider investing in shoes (best tennis shoes) with at least a 6-month durability guarantee, and Adidas would probably be a perfect match for that. You also want to know if you look for stability or flexibility, as for stability I'd go for Adidas Barricades and flexibility probably Nike Zoom Vapours. As you see, you need to consider each aspect and the appeal of each shoe to fit your game the best.
What are the best tennis shoes?