Full Version: Trace a Cell Phone Number For Free - Get the Facts
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You could search the internet for hours and not find a way to trace a cell phone number for free. I know because I have tried. What you can do  Iceland Phone Number List  is find a reliable reverse directory that will provide you the cell phone owner's name and information for a small fee. It might not be overly popular to give you the facts about why this is the case but before you waste a lot of time searching, let me explain why there is a fee for these services.

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Phone companies provide your land line phone number along with your name to white pages and that information is publicly available for free. You can look that information up in all kinds of places. Google even has a phone book like white pages listings that you can use to reverse phone numbers or look up a number by a person's name.

In fact, in order not to be listed in the white pages, residents had to pay the phone company an extra charge in order to get a non-published number. Directories took this free information and formatted it into databases that could be tapped into by consumers. The information was free to them and they passed it along for free, usually making money through paid advertising on their site.

Cell phone numbers, on the other hand, have never been published publicly. White pages of mobile phone numbers and the associated owner's name have never existed. Those companies that were in the business of providing directories could not tap into public sources for this information.

Instead of allowing consumers to trace a cell phone number for free, directories had to purchase the information from wireless service companies. Buying that information costs a lot more than can be made up by including ads on their site. The result is that they had to charge for the information in order to cover their own expenses.

If you absolutely need to do a reverse lookup and you understand that it will cost you something, instead of searching for how to trace a cell phone number for free, start looking for how you can pay the least amount of money for the most accurate report. You will find a number of reverse directories online but not all have the same depth of information and not all of them are up-to-date. Choose a reverse directory that has millions of records available and confirms that those records are frequently maintained.

You should also make sure that any company you use has a customer support line to help you if you can't find the information you need or offers a money back offer if the information you want is unavailable. If you need to do several reverse lookups, you can reduce the overall cost by choosing a company that offers unlimited lookups for the same, low price.