Full Version: Return to the Plenty . . . still lost in the blackhole of my creativity
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Hey everybody (speaks to all the stone dragons about me) Grouphug 

I used to post quite a bit last year, but my life took a very dramatic turn at the end of last year.  In a nutshell, I began seriously working on my first novel, Teleria, in January of 2019 after seriously binge reading all of the Realm of the Elderlings books and short stories from various anthologies.  I was keeping myself alive and sane by clinging to my characters and world-shaping for dear life.  A lot was going on in my personal life, which I won't go into detail about here.  By August I had completed my first novel and began agent-hunting.  At this time I was living in South Yorkshire, England (lived there for five years).  I began the work on my second novel in the trilogy, Dracosia.  All of the research and world building really sucks you into a black hole, especially when it's one of the only things keeping you afloat in the middle of an ocean of emotional tumult.  I nearly took my life at one point last summer . . .

So.  I made a complete change, closed that chapter of my life, packed two bags and got on a plane on New Year's Day bound for New Zealand and I have never looked back.  God do I miss all of my Realm of the Elderlings library and anthologies I had to leave behind . . . Crying in the end, all I could take with me was Fool's Fate, which I read now and then like returning to visit an old, kind friend who never changes and hands me a refreshing goblet of apricot brandy.  Eventually, I'll re-buy all of those wonderful books again and rebuild my entire library.  As Robin Hobb has said, "home is people, not a place."  I feel like I am finally home, writing to my heart's content and truly living my life alongside my best friend and the man who has believed in me, inspired me, pulled me out of myself and loved me fiercely for the real me.

One of Robin Hobbs' quotes that has gotten me through so much is the one mentioned in my signature. I live by those words. Accepting the ebb and flow of my life, I have survived it thus far and shall continue to do so. Smiling