Full Version: Email Lead List Marketing - Your Online Key To Profit And Success
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So you want to make money online? You already have a business and you want to develop a mail order operation using the power of global positioning that the internet offers you? You want to leverage your marketing to grow your profits and establish the long term strength of your brand. You are hungry for UK Email List.
But success seems elusive?
You must begin today to build your email lead list to create rapport with prospects and prepare the way for customer loyalty in the future! In marketing, the future is only as profitable as the bricks you lay today. Prepare the foundation and profit long term by placing a contact form on your website home page. Develop also a separate page with a dramatic call to action and a free (valuable) download or possibly free samples of your product range and an optin box to capture the visitor's email address.
Get a reliable autoresponder which allows you to embed your details on the squeeze page and your website contact form. Set up an email series and place this in your autoresponder sequence. You only need enough emails for the first two weeks as you can regularly add more as and when you wish to. Getting started is the essence!
Aim to send an immediate initial email thanking the subscriber and linking to your free download. Then project one email every two days to begin. You want to have a careful balance between keeping your brand in the subscriber's front of mind yet not spamming with too much information too soon. Less is more, as usual!
Your first 7 emails create the vital initial response: it will take at least seven associations with your brand before the subscriber feels even comfortable with your marketing. So take it easy and send seven value filled tips emails and link once weekly to a free report, audio or blog post. You can step up the selling later on when the lead has decided they like your message. Temper offers with tips and giveaways always. Think how you'd feel as your own prospect!