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I just finished RotE and have written this.

I don't quite know why I wrote this, I usually don't write anything, but obviously needed to write it, maybe another influence from these books, I don't intend to burn my PC when I'm done writing Smiling 
April 10, 2020 I have just finished the books written in a song of ice and fire series, and are left little frustrated that the story was not finished and with a little empty feeling for all the missing ends of story lines.

I have to start a series, search for an hour or so and eventually find that the best bid for a new series I could start with was the realm of the elderlings, I started and yesterday 04 July 2020 it was all over after spending just over 500 hours listening to all the RotE books.

I started with RWC, don't quite know why, I thought they were good, but not exceptional and a little long drawn at times, after hearing them, I thought it would be better to go back and start with book 1.

After listening to TFT and LST I realized that there had been many things and references in RWC I didn't understand at first, so I heard almost the whole RWC one more time, except the parts that Hest(it means horse in DanishSmiling is in as he is irrelevant to the rest of the story and it is very annoying to hear his thoughts and the opinion of himself and others.

I don't know how long after I started Assassin's Apprentice before it dawned on me that this was not a "normal" book but something far beyond what I've come to expect from a book I've heard many audiobooks and many books are lacking in depth and seem impersonal, but back to what I would like to write about, Robin Hobb does something very specific about the way she does her character development, the characters get a depth and get "real" in a way that is difficult for me to describe, but it can make me cry both out of grief when bad things happen in their lives, with and of joy when they doing well, and there are hardly any other of the + 600 books I heard there can do it.

I only encountered this once with another author, through all the books I have heard, a Danish author by the name of Susanne Clod Pedersen who is not so well known unfortunately and only one of her books has been translated into English, I put her in some areas at almost equal footing with Robin Hobb, as the two best authors I've heard books and would definitely recommend her books or book for the one book that has been translated, for those who can't read Danish, I find her an exceptionally good author and I've heard her books several times and she was the first author I came across with such a deep and present person gallery as I have now also found in the RotE books.

This type of writer who knows how to do this is obviously very rare and in my opinion should be supported with what you can Smiling 

In my listening to the RotE books there have been days that have "disappeared" I have sat down to listen to the book for example at 11 am and after what has felt like 1-2 hours looked at what the time it was and it become evening at 8 pm ?Smiling something of the same has happened 2-3 times where I came home on Friday evening and sat down to listen at 10 pm and continued without realizing how long it had been until 04/05 in the morning, i have come to think of it as "drowning in memories" perception of one's own time and place disappears, it has often been very difficult to let go of the book again, but you have to sleep, eat, work and various other things that keeps us alive 
Unfortunately, books ended, I thought it was a good ending for Fitz, Beloved and Nighteyes, I could have done without Fitz having to hit that dart with the traitor's death, so they could have waited to make their stone wolf to a later point, so Fitz and Bee could have had more time together as humans? they both deserved that to a great extent, I have no doubt that they will meet again in the skillstream, Bee is as I have perceived it a very strong skill user who currently has no training in using it.
Would like the story to continue.
Bee and the seven duchies person gallery continued history could be very exciting, but there are also many of the other persons, elderlings and dragons I'd really like to hear about how things have gone, Althea / Brashen, Malta / Reyn, Thymara / Tats , Alise / Leftrin, Selden / Chassim? Just to name a few, there are so many untold stories left in this universe, which is why the ending leaves me with an empty sensation.
This is translated from Danish with google and edited by me so it should make sense in English, if there is anything that doesn't make sense it's my fault J