Full Version: theory on the abominations and events in the realm
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i've got a personal theory that many of the events in the books are cuased by hte abominations. we know they kidnapped she who remembers. What if they influenmced white prophet bbloodlines and created a servant to follow their cause. ie the pale woman. There cuase being the total annialation of those they hate. the dragons. Maybe one of them could have mind-raped regal and turned him into the idiot who never realised that without access to the coast there would be no trade with bingtown and gave away the duchies strongest weapon. the scrolls.
Hmm...interesting thoughts! I, too, believe that the Others have a huge role in things but am still sorting out the whats and whys however I am tending to lean toward them possibly being a force for more good than evil. Don't ask me why yet because I swing from good to evil, evil to good with apparent ease, depending on the day...possibly I am considering they are a force for good simply because all evidence suggests otherwise, and it would be so Hobb-like to trick us all like that!

In the meantime, I have just added a quick comment to the Others Island thread. Possibly it may prove to have some small significance within your theory? I do also have a Fool-based comment that I will attempt to post soon with regard to Others Island etc.