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Home Theater Projector or Home Theatre Projection? That is the question that you have to ask yourself. There are many people who are confused on the matter as well. Some of them might not even know what is a Home Theater Projector and how do they distinguish one from the other. Well, it is very simple and that is to say that all of these types of home cinema entertainment systems are one and the same. It is just that most people are confused when it comes to choosing one from another.

People of the past who had built their homes had built a wall mount projection screen with front-projection TVs. This consumer's living rooms usually with an ordinary front-projection television. Once picture of living room was taken with a front-projection television, after that, the projector was mounted on a wall or a cabinet so it could be seen clearly from any corner. However, today's home cinema projector comes in two main technologies - LCD (containing 3 small liquid crystal display units with a single large screen) and Plasma (containing two screens that are linked using fluorescent lights). Both are great in their own way and are not too far from each other in technology. They just have different features and price ranges. When it comes to the budget, LCD is more affordable as it allows you to use higher resolution and bigger screen, whereas Plasma offers you the most realistic picture.

You must also consider where your home theatre will be placed and what size you want. A big screen will obviously take up more space and cost you more. Remember, that it should be placed where it will get maximum light, which can vary according to the kind of room it is in. Also, don't forget to consider your budget when buying a home theatre projector. Don't be fooled by what's available on the market. You can easily find one in your local electronics store, but if you really want to buy the best, you can also shop online. in order to get great discounts and deals on the products.