Full Version: the fool and the revival of dragons [series spoilers]
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Was he really nessesary to help restore dragons. Okay, I can understand that if the duchies lost the war icefyre wouldnt have been freed. But how much did he contribute to helping verity with the dragon. Okay, I guess he did allow kettles help. And he was stuck being forged when icefyre was freed. I guess he played a minor part with the duchies storyline. Maybe if it wasnt for him it wouldnt have happened. But I doubt it.

But the bingtown storyline was different.He was so focused on looking for wintrow yet nothing he said or did caused wintrow to make his contribution [freeing she who remembers]. He wasnt in trehaug and nothing he said or did would have changed any of those characters. He wasnt even a catylist. His doesnt have the power to cause change by his presence. He is nowhere near the kelsingra expedition. So he doesnt have any contribution to the dragons recovery. And if tintaglia was chopped into a log freeing icefyre would hae been a complete waste of time. So the bingtown storyline does seem to be the more important one in relation to dragons.

That said his contribution to the story seems slightly exagerated. Maybe his efforts helped icfyre. But there are about nine other potential mates recovering in the rain wilds. Rendering his efforts to help icefyre a bit of a waste of time.
These beings suspect that the fools role in the Ship of magic triliogy was not so important towards the goal as it was important to prove the fool was not all-powerful nor necessary for all components of the puzzle. He was important towards the elder dragons part, while the ones in the rain wilds are the younger dragons.
The Fool seems to operate by looking for crucial moments to intervene in. The slightest change would have a snowballing effect. Like as if he were to look at a tapestry and pull on a thread, and the whole tapestry unravels.
I seem to recall a previous discussion I had (that involved Chrischa?) that briefly covered something along these lines, so will search for that before I contribute overly much here.

I do think that Beloved had a pivotal role though, despite that it may appear the opposite at times, and he/she often even conceded that all others (whether in the form of a human, dragon, liveship, animal etc) held a pivotal role in their own life and also the unfolding of the history of the world...they did not have to be a WP or Catalyst to create vast change. Something specific was said by Amber in SOM to do with this, I think, but I am unable to reference it at present.

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