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Which Bingtown Trader family owns the Liveship Kendry? I just finished reading the trilogy again, and while searching online many site claim that the Khuprus family owns the Kendry! I can not recall who owns him, but I know for a fact they do not! Can anyone tell me which family does own him? A quote from the books would be helpful!

I believe they do not own him, because before Tintaglia awoke, Janis Khuprus said to herself (not direct quote) "Maybe it is time the Khuprus family had a Liveship of their own, instead of just building them for others" So in my opinion, if my memory serves correctly, they do not Own the kendry, though they may have built him for the family who does own him.
This is a really good question! And you remember very well, taloshield.
Quote:The dragon-log, Bendir. We need to be rid of it, and soon. Cut it up. Perhaps you are right; perhaps it is time the Khuprus family had a ship of its own. Or have it sawn into planks and store them. Get rid of the thing inside it. Otherwise, I fear we will lose your brother.
This is of course Tintaglia's wizardwood log, and it's from chapter 26 in the Mad Ship.

I don't think the ownership is explicitly stated anywhere. There are a couple of mention's of "Kendry's captain", but no name attached to the title. After the Chalcedeans capture Kendry, Reyn Khuprus is worried about "his family crew". Jani Khuprus talks about "our liveships, such as the Kendry" - but Devouchet demands Kendry's return as well, and I've got the feeling that all the old families feel strongly about all the liveships, not just the one they actually own themselves.
The only other clue I could find is that the Kendry speaks to Althea as if he's very familiar with Grag Tenira. I'm wondering if the Teniras actually have two Liveships, Ophelia and Kendry?
Thank you so much! I can remember almost all the Liveships and their Families, but could not remember the Kendry's Family! So it would make sense if it was never specifically stated.

Personally, not to disagree or say you are wrong, but I do not think the Tenira's own two Liveships. They are much too close to Ophelia, and love her so deeply, to have another Liveship to compete with her, for their attention if nothing else.
I believe the Kendry was spoke so familiarily to Althea about Grag because he was carrying letters between Bingtown and the Rain Wilds. Of course, amoung those was Grags letters to his family, and to Althea. I think (this is opinion, no direct quotes to back it up) that Grag was hidden on the Kendry to hide out in the Rain Wilds and built a personal bond with him on his voyage there. When he and Reyn were returning, he seemed to spend time talking to the Kendry as though they were old friends.
I agree with Mervi that this was a great question (and one that saw me go on an exhausting Kendry search during a LST re-read!). Also like Mervi, I found nothing explicitly stated. If anything, RH seemed to make a point of NOT stating, particularly as she used the wording "the captain" or "Kendry's captain" a number of times in the one passage, and I found this intriguing.

It was interesting that the status of "ownership" over many of the liveships came to mean nothing in the end anyway as they pretty much became their own masters once more (as they would have been if still in their dragon form).

Even more interesting was that, while the "mad ship" Paragon went on to become more at peace with himself and accepting of his own identity, Kendry went from being a well-liked and affable personality to becoming "...well nigh unmanageable. He is a bitter creature and sails only at Tintaglia's behest" (as was passed on from Grag Tenira and noted by Reyn to Malta prior to appearance at the Jamaillian Ball).

Hmm...I would tend to agree with you, taloshield, in that I also consider that Grag's friendship grew from his associations with Kendry rather than through an ownership of him. Still, I think I might go back for a re-check as you never know!
OK Spoiler for Fool's Fate possibly...... (I'm probably being overcautious!!!!)

Well I bet she would answer that even if she didn't know, Amber knew! Wink
Hmmm I can only add that my re-read of LST so far seems to confirm that the Kendry's family is never mentioned.
The only relevant quotes I've come across are those mentioned already in this thread.
Finished my re read of the LST series, with this question in mind, and it is never mentioned explicitly that I recall.
Not having it mentioned does make bingtown "larger". As does stories like the "homecoming" short story. There are many trader families that at most are mentioned as names. No doubt there are several liveships as well.
Okay, as I have gone back to re-read the parts from Assassin's Fate that continue from the LST(having recently completed that trilogy) a lot more connects and makes sense, or rather jumps out at me, now I have a well-rounded knowledge of characters and events that take place in all trilogies, especially LST.  I can now answer this question!  There are soooo many other things mentioned in threads that I can now connect the dots to having full knowledge, for the most part, and there's so many I want to return to when I have time and expand on, but that will have to wait until another time.  For now, I want to answer this question.  Who owns the Kendry?

From Chapter 27 of AF, "Feather to Blade": Captain Osfor.  
Quote:To Merchants Clifton, Anrosen and Bellidy,
With our greatest apologies, we are unable to fulfil the terms of our contract with you.  Our liveship, Kendry, has become unmanageable, and a threat to not only his own captain and crew but to other vessels we encounter.  He has twice deliberately taken on water to spoil cargo.  He fights the rudder and lists at will.
For the safety and security of our crew, and of your cargoes, we therefore must terminate our agreement.  You have the right to bring suit against us for this breach.  However, if you are willing, we have made arrangements with the liveship Ophelia, owned and managed by the Tenira (aside from me:  Good ole' Ophelia!  Slurp ) a fine Bingtown Trader family with a long history of reliable dealings.  At no additional cost to you, they will take over our contracts and fulfil them.  
We hope you will agree that this is the most equitable arrangement for all of us.
With the utmost respect,
Captain Osfor of the liveship Kendry
Poor Osfor family!  But not to worry, Kendry will become a dragon soon enough and all shall be well with the world.  I'm thinking they could all use acid-proof their hulls with that magical impenetrable stuff we see in the RWC at the end that the ships from Jamaillia figured out to coat their ships with so they could go up the Rain Wilds River.
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