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Which is your preference?

If left to my own devices, I am nocturnal. I just like knowing that most people are asleep at night so it's calmer and there are few things to bother me. It just sucks how much of society functions during the day. I absolutely hate waking up early-- I don't know how morning-type people can do it. When I'm on my nocturnal schedule, I'm still half asleep two hours after leaving bed, if I got up before noon. 10 o clock in the morning is still considered the middle of the night P I set at least five alarms and sometimes I can still sleep past all of them. Most of the time you'd need to detonate a bomb to wake me up.

Of course, if there is a regular schedule I have to follow, then there happens to be some magical force that shoves me out of bed and I manage to skip that two hour sleepy-hangover feeling if even it's before noon. Very strange considering that some nights when I'm staying up late to finish big school projects that I can work all night and still be perfectly wide awake even with only two hours of sleep.
Great question, redchild! I often find I wonder the same thing about you all! P

I, too, am a person of the night but don't have the same problem as you do with the waking up hangover. Even if I did, there are cows to milk, a school day to begin teaching at 7am, a long drive to make etc...!

I will probably die young simply because I've burnt myself out too early. I often think of Fitz giving too much of himself to N'eyes, and therefore increasing the possibility of shortening his own life. I give too much of myself to others and, by this, I mean to others outside of my family and extra to family commitments and responsibilities. There are many times when I have discovered I have gone for three days and nights without very little sleep and, just as often, none at all.

I can only put it down to having such a heavy and on-going schedule and this is mostly due to having ridiculously high expectations of myself and not being able to say "no" to anyone or anything.

During the times when it does ease off somewhat, I have to fill it with something extra or else I'd die of boredom or lack of activity! In fact, when nobody asks or nobody demands, I offer myself like a turkey to Christmas lunch! Even reading is an activity that has to be jammed into the cracks of my day (much like you, I think?) and I can't think of too many times where I've been able to give myself over to the one task for any length of's usually a case of juggling a couple (like now!).

Nuytsia once asked where I find the time to come on to thePlenty...I don't find the time, I steal it back for myself so that I can say I did SOMETHING for me that day, even if it's only a two sentence post that took me ten minutes to construct in the midst of other tasks. Big Grin

If I'd read that of someone else a year ago, I'd have thought that theirs was a sad and lonely life P but I know how full mine is and how wonderful it is to have you all to myself and to come on here and say 'Hey' at whatever the day or night...though usually night when any thinking is required! Grouphug

Detonate a bomb to wake you, redchild? Sounds like my sons on school holidays!! I am a very light sleeper and it's something of a curse. My husband always complains about it but it does come in handy when you have babies and young children about the place (or not!).
these beings are of the kind that do not worry. They can both stay up late and get up early. They even function fairly well after a night without sleep. Due to local volunteer work, they often have to stay up fairly late (0200-0300), but they can still get up early if necessary.
Farseer, you sound like a stellar case of 'mind over matter.' Just don't burn yourself out. Smiling
When I was a child, I would wake up at six in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep. I was wide awake. This habit disappeared during my teenage years. I still do like to get up early, although not that early, but now I have to set up an alarm. If I sleep till ten in the morning, which happens when I don't, I feel that I have wasted my entire morning.

I go to bed relatively early, around 22:30 in the evening, although I surf around on my Iphone till 24:00 before actually going to sleep.
these past few days these beings have (for the most part) gone to sleep quite early around 2100... (yesterday was an exception at around 2300) and today will be around 0200 due to work.
seems it was 0330, not 0200...
Geees I may as well just copy and paste your post redchild, that's pretty much me exactly! P

Farseers post makes me tired just thinking about it!!!

I think if I had my ideal I'd go to bed about 3am and get up about 12pm.... I like a lot of sleep!

Hah Albertosaurus what is this 'waste the morning' concept? Mornings are for sleeping! Yay

Of course getting the chooks rather posed a shock to my system. For a few days I got up at 6.30am to race out there and let them out and see if they were ok...... then I would stay up to my normal 2am or whatever and after 3 days of that I was suffering from severe sleep deficit!
I have settled down a bit now, and I must admit I am not often the one letting them out in the morning now! Blushing
(Feb-12-2011, 12:21 PM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: [ -> ]Hah Albertosaurus what is this 'waste the morning' concept? Mornings are for sleeping! Yay

The early bird may get the worm but that's not the case for owls. P
owls prefer mice and other larger mammals (like moose?), do they not? Worms do not provide much food...
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