Full Version: Download Assassin's Apprentice for Free!
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NOTE FROM THE DREADFUL ADMIN Since this was a limited-time offer (and may I add a very generous one) from the publisher, I feel we shouldn't be linking to copies of it here anymore. So I've removed the links and ask you kindly NOT to flood anyone's inboxes with requests for the file. Instead go and buy the book, it's worth every coin. Turned We were offered coffee and biscuits, let's not wolf down what's in the cupboards as well. (And yes, posting about similar future offers from the publishers/the author is very much welcome still.)

UPDATE: Here's the new location of the PDF:

UPDATE: Due to an overwhelming number of requests, I've uploaded the PDF to a public location so I won't have to email it out every time.

1. Go to
2. Use the password
3. Download the PDF.

UPDATE: Several people have stumbled on this topic and emailed me asking for the PDF. Just so you know I still have the PDF if anyone wants it. You can contact me here, on twitter, or facebook.

Suvudu Free Book Library is giving away Assassin's Apprentice! It's a PDF, but it's free, so you can't beat that.

If you miss the give away this month, send me a message and I'll send you a copy of the one I downloaded.
Big Grin
I just learned about this and posted it at the front page news. After the edited page loaded, I saw that there was a topic at the forums! We even picked the same text for the headers. Big Grin Thanks, Chris. Smiling

I think this is a really good opportunity to introduce the story to new readers. You know, those friends and family who say that "yeah, I'll read that book you're always raving about one day, when I get around buying it or borrowing a copy" etc. There are no excuses now! Wink So spread that link around, everyone. Smiling
I didn't realize this until just a few minutes ago, but you can download the Assassin's Apprentice for free on the Kindle as well!
I downloaded AA - to be able to search specific words is great Smiling If I had other books as ebooks too the Wiki would be updated more frequently...

And Chris, I'm sooo jealous about the Kindle! I want one. But you really can't use it in Europe. So... where's the Kindle for us! I want one!
AA is currently number 1 most downloaded book for Kindle. How cool is that? Smiling