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Clapping I'll be grinning about that for the rest of the day! Big Grin
Books like that one are why 'thul steer clear of that type of book.
Its fully ok to have the acts described, but when the story is a framework for the acts, rather than the acts being a natural part of the story, then something is wrong.
There may have been a story in there somewhere, but I was thinking 'Oh no, surely not again!' that often, I must have missed it! Most of us are quite capable of using our imagination to fill in the gaps..we don't need such full-on descriptions, though I do realise that vivid descriptions do appeal to some people. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose. For me, there are few authors who can write a sex scene well. Subtle but to the point does it for me. Smiling
The way you described it, it was a story to fit the sex into, rather than sex fit into a story. Some might like that, but they are fewer than those that enjoy a good story.
It was exactly that.
These beings thought just that.
I happen to be a big fan of erotic fiction. It's a guilty-pleasure for me; I call them my little "brain breaks." Whenever I read a series of, erm, "normal" fiction I tend to delve so far in to it with theories and possible outcomes I give myself headaches, hahah. In fact, I have a friend in California who, over the past 6 months, has swapped over 2,000 emails with me JUST picking apart ASOIAF and ROTE.

So erotic fiction is my brain break.. and so much better than cheesy romance novels. Like fool-ish said, I don't mind reading a bit of smut. Wink

In fact, Albertsaurus Rex mentioned some erotic tentacle sci-fi book in another thread (speaking poorly of it) and I had to immediately go purchase it on my e-reader, hahah. There's a series of EXTREMELY graphic erotic fiction books I like mainly because of the world these characters are in. It's science-fiction and, while there are a lot of sex-scenes (and the story at the end is a bit too-good-to-be-true romance-ish plot), I like how much thought she put in to aspects of space-travel and certain technological advancements. P

Joost, fool-ish, if you aren't afraid of some major smut - check out Morgan Hawke's Interstellar Service & Discipline series.
If you're interested in smut-with-a-story:

You need an account on to read those. It's free and you don't get all kinds of spam from them, so it's safe.
- An ordinary sex life (lots and lots of sex)
part 1:
part 2:
part 3:
part 4:
- The book of David (lots and lots of sex)
part 1:
part 2:
- Dance of a lifetime: (some sex)
- Charlotte's movie: (lots and lots of sex)
- Playing the game (some sex):
part 1:
part 2:
part 3:
- Stormy monday: (some sex)
- Conflicted: (lots and lots of sex)
LOL thanks Joost. Btw, have you read any Morgan Hawke?

Edit: Noooooo! That site is blocked at work. Down
(Jan-16-2012, 07:19 PM (UTC))Valarya Wrote: [ -> ]Btw, have you read any Morgan Hawke?
Nope. 'Victorious star' and 'fallen star' or are there more books in that series?
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