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Granted, I did have doubts since the pic is so grainy (I think that "distorts" the eyes so they don't look like Viggo's) but the shape of the hood was a dead giveaway (especially since Star Wars was already ruled out). The first version of the pic helped too, because it reminded me of how we first only see the glimmer of the burning pipe reflected.

Okay, here's the next one:

I'm just making a wild guess, but I will say ET ?
Hmm... Difficult, it is.

Grainy details would indicate some age to it, the helicopters are non-military, and fairly advanced, so age is probably from 80's-late 90's... Their position and the searchlight would indicate a search for something or someone... Little else to be deduced...
Not E.T. You're not *terribly* far off, though.

The year is 1998. (A very good year, if you ask me. Possibly the best.)
That looks very familiar, but I just can't place it...
Well, let's make it more easy then with another image

is it some star trek thingy?

Independence Day?
Independence day is from 1996. These beings looked that one up...
Well, the movie does feature a poster for Independence Day... although not in a very flattering way. P
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