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There is no official policy on it, but the tendency here has been to wait quite a while... perhaps even a bit too long at times...
I have seen Blade runner (very recently actually, 2 weeks ago), but I really had to think to remember the owl. It's when Deckard first meets Rachael, right?
These beings have not seen blade runner, and for some reason they have no intention of doing it anytime soon... Its mainly a matter of stubbornness...

anyways, got an obscure picture for ya...

[Image: Capture.png]
(May-22-2011, 09:08 PM (UTC))danieladamsmith Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah sorry for that. I wasn't sure about the protocol and how long I should wait. If you haven't seen Blade Runner and you dig Sci Fi..well I am so jealous. You are in for a real treat. There's something about the way that he did the design. Mainly retrofitting classic Art Deco with modern design that makes it a film that doesn't really date. It's pretty timeless and it raises some issues about what humanity is that are very very deep and thoughtful.

Oh, there is so very much in fantasy and SF that I haven't read or watched yet. It's quite daunting, but on the plus side I'll probably never run out of stories to enjoy.

Now for Thul's picture. What on Earth could that be...? The style looks like a European cartoon, I think...
there is far more fantasy/science fiction than anyone can hope to read while also living a normal life... our library is mostly several years old, yet it contains some 14000 books... it would probably be closer to 20000 books if it had been complete and up to date...

even with an average as high as one book a day, that would take over a decade to finish...

anyways, we're not sure about region of origin for the image, but its either european or more likely north american...
do you need some tips for the snapshot?
I do...though others may not! P
it is not anything well-known, so 'thul are not surprised. If they are to be honest, they could say it is somewhat obscure, actually. Too obscure.
Generally people either know it, or they are completely unfamiliar.

These beings will give a few minor tips...

It can be found on Youtube.
The word "world" features somewhere in the title.
It is, as you can guess from the above, an animated short.
Magic is involved.

That should give you slightly smaller range.
Oh wow this is the weirdest thing ever!
I was sitting here watching the X-Files movie and I saw these helicopters flying in front of the moon and my brain went HEY that's the movie picture Mervi put up on theplenty!

Half the time I can barely remember where I live and now this!
I just found out it had been 3 months since I saw that picture on the forum (and probably 3 months since I've posted on the forum Blushing )

The brain works in mysterious ways........

So. What made 1998 the best year ever Mervi? Hmmmm?

(or was it just the release of the X-Files movie??)

(Mar-09-2011, 06:45 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]Not E.T. You're not *terribly* far off, though.

The year is 1998. (A very good year, if you ask me. Possibly the best.)

Nuytsia! Welcome back! I was just beginning to wonder where you had gone to.

As for the picture, I haven't the foggiest clue.
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