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Simple game...
One person posts an image from a movie (not too obscure), and the others try to guess which movie it is (and maybe even character and all that...). Once answer is correct, someone else posts next movie snapshot.

'thul beings, what was that about not being too obscure?! I see a black rectangular shape with two, tiny dots inside it! Uhhuh P
A stab in the 'dark', literally Big Grin : It's Darth Vader in Star Wars, with two, tiny points of light reflecting off his helmet?! Turned
Ah, now I've curtained off the light from my window, I can make out eyes and a forehead, and the figure is wearing a hood. I'll say Anakin Skywalker then (looks sullen!) in Star Wars.

This is worse than the quote game! Smiling
Well, it is a bit dark yes... But someone else has managed to guess it elsewhere.

Here is an alternate version that someone brightened up...

Its not Anakin Skywalker... but nice guess nonetheless...

The reason it is originally so dark is that the scene it is from is dark... The scene isnt too representative of the movie, but once you recognize it, it is fairly obvious...
I hate to admit this (the competitive streak in me?) but, in this, I have nothing! I Surrender !!
It's Viggo Mortensen as Strider/Aragorn from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, the scene where we first meet the character.
Hi Mervi!!!

Really?! Now, I was going to say LOTR after the 'thul beings lightened the shot, as that's the only other movie I could think of where someone was wearing a hood P , BUT I couldn't recognise the face as someone I'd ever seen before...this all says a lot for my liking Viggo in the movie, doesn't it?...I couldn't even tell it was him, and still can't, truth be told!!!

I'm going to be wretched at this game! Big Grin
That would be quite correct, Mervi...
Geees I did exactly the same as Farseer!
I thought of the Aragorn scene (I think the swirling smoke made me think of it) but I thought 'that's not Viggo Mortensen'!
I think I have face blindness ......
These beings took that snapshot the other day when having paused the movie...
Dare I admit that I even went on an image search for Viggo, to find a pic that showed his eyes quite well in a front-on shot, and even though I found a few, I still thought, " can't be him....the eyes are wrong"!!!

Thanks Nuytsia, glad to see I wasn't the only one!! Big Grin
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