Full Version: Dragon Haven/Keeper within the wiki (here be spoilers)
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Farseer explained the login problem already really well, thanks. Smiling I have a huge maintenance routine for the forum & wiki scripts planned for tomorrow and IF all goes well, the integrated login should work again. However, anyone who's forum account was created during the last couple of weeks (that is, while the wiki "ban" has been on) still won't have a wiki account and they have to be created manually (I can help with that if it's a problem). Lady Laura (and anyone else with this problem) - if you want a wiki account before, let's say Wednesday evening P, send me your email address in a PM and I'll create one for you. After the maintenance, you should be able to do it yourself. Smiling (Also I expect there's going to be some downtime for the wiki late Tuesday evening and/or early Wednesday morning - we're talking GMT+2 times btw.)

//Also - I'll move this thread later to a "proper" room (the one with the site& wiki info) - don't be surprised when it disappears. Wink
I'm able to log in now, thanks for sorting that out!! Big Grin

I've worked on editing a wiki before, for another series of books, so hopefully this will be straight forward enough Smiling
Ok, just a quick question:

If I create a new article (like I just did for Hest Finbok, because the Hest link was to another Hest who was apparently in some of the other books I havn't read yet P) how do I add this new article to the list of characters page?
Ah, I'm thinking Mervi has to do that linking to the main character page, LL. I know I went to add a new character (from the Six Duchies-based short story 'Words Like Coins') to the character list once and couldn't. It may be different with two characters of the same name though.

I'll see if I can have a look for the post relating to it (I asked Mervi about it here on the forum) or will otherwise have a look on the wiki if nobody else can help (eg the 'thul being seem to have the hang of things!).
you add this text on the bottom of the article:

For adding it to other categories, just replace the word "Characters" with the one in question...
I knew you'd know, thanks 'thul! Thankful

Lady Laura, I only managed a quick look but you have done a SUPER job with all of your entries - good on you!!! Clapping

I really need to make some time for my wiki entries soon. I have a book full of notes entries! Stop procrastinating, are truly reaching passive-aggressive status!! Whistling
The trick when looking for a feature like that is to look through existing articles. They usually answer a lot of questions.
Thanks very much for the help!! Big Grin Yes, now that you mention it, looking at the editing on other articles is the obvious thing to do. Alise didn't have an article either, so I took pity on her P

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