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Oh dear I am only about a couple of months too late but

Happy Belated Birthday Albertosaurus!


(and theplenty!!)

Thanks for those links Mervi, that was cool to see.
I have been away so just popping in to say :

HappyballoonHAPPY BIRTHDAY OBLIVIA!Happyballoon

I hope you have/have had an AMAZING day! Grouphug Flowers Please let us know what you got up to!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Jussi,
Happy birthday to you!

I am thinking of you today, Jussi Slurp ! Have fun, and be glad you are only seeing the lyrics rather than hearing them (some of us could sure use the benefit of a *Tawny Man spoiler*

Oh no we missed saying.....:

Happy Birthday Farseer !

How could we have let that one go by? Blushing
I blame the calendar!

Hope you had a lovely birthday. Happyballoon
I did, thank you! Smiling
I have sent a PM but why not add it here too?! Smiling

Hugs Grouphug and kisses Slurp and a big

Happyballoon HAPPY BIRTHDAY Happyballoon

to Antebar (The Fool over on the Blood Memories site) over in Italy!!!

Have a super, super day, Antebar! Flowers

Not to mention happy christmas and merry holidays to all here (and elsewhere)!
Happyballoon Happyballoon HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOOL-ISH!!! Happyballoon Happyballoon

Not the best of the bunch but, given that this is a Hobb site, I couldn't go past 'Tom' Cat... P

Slurp Have a BRILLIANT day!! Grouphug

Indeed. These beings would have looked up something, but then it would've been bad, since they woke up just 5-10 minutes ago, did not sleep well, and the shower is occupied (by a wheel)
Why thank you Farseer! Big Grin Tom Cat's a proper cutie, cheers for that! Clapping

Going out with the folks and others later for drinks, eats and general silliness P
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