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Jussi often pops in with the latest Hobb news for us Wub so have a TERRIFIC DAY, Jussi! Dance Happyballoon Grouphug Thankful
Evidence indicates someone here is in need of some cake. Someone that you have to look far to see, all the way down under... be this correct?
Let them eat cake! Happy Birthday Farseer! HappyballoonFlowers
Naw, thank you! Grouphug

I'll have to investigate but either you beings remembered from last year Undecided or Nuytsia sneakily put me on the calendar or something when I tried to slip under the radar! Detective

Thirty-nine today. Happyballoon Dance May my birthday be good to you today! Smiling
These beings saw it in a previous life. all part of the cycle of rebirth.

Now they will have to get back to baking that cake which needs to be ready and five hundred meters away in 1 hour 40 minutes
ooooh, from me too


and many many delicious cakes for you. And a wonderful birthday Clapping
Aww, 39's good cos you're not yet 40!! I wasn't keen on reaching 40, but I had a great time drowning my sorrows when I did! Big GrinP
(Aug-28-2012, 05:15 PM (UTC))finella Wrote: [ -> ]HAPPY BIRTHDAY[size=small] Slurp

It hasn't happened in such a long time (it used to happen ALL the time!) but I just spent ages on a very long post and lost it just prior to posting. Down I'll say instead...thank you. Smiling

Happy Late Birthday, Farseer! Slurp

I need to start spending more time hiding in these threads rather than the ROTE ones, then maybe the birthday wishes would come on time P
Thanks. Smiling

Actually, I pitched a tent in the RotE threads and lived only there for a very long time, rarely ever venturing out here. I think it was only when I finally took on a mod role that I thought I'd better get to contributing elsewhere. P

I am loving your time in the RotE threads so stick around there as much as you please! Slurp
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