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Happyballoon HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NUYTSIA!!! Happyballoon

Here's wishing you a magical day - have fun with your Mum!

ps Just think, if you'd been born only two days earlier, you'd have shared your birthday with our Tangle mad is that?!

Wub Grouphug
indeed... happy birthday...
Happy Birthday, Nutysia!
hmm... ah...

*feeds upon cake in the name of Nuytsia*
Wow thanks Farseer and everyone! Big Grin

I think I actually stumbled across Robin's newsgroup around birthday time (1 year ago, how time flies), so I was blown away to find out her birthday was 2 days before mine! Hehehe!!!

Awwww this message was a nice surprise....... Magic

And we are still eating the leftover cake 2 days later... mmmmmm that's the beauty of fruit cake it doesn't go stale! And it's yummmy.

On my birthday we went down a cave and on a train ride!
The only advantage to cake that might go stale is that you have an excuse to eat it all quickly...
Please excuse me for being late to the party and allow me to retroactively wish you a very happy birthday!

Magic Joker Yay
I've renamed this thread just HAPPY BIRTHDAY so we all have somewhere to come to, to send off our best wishes whenever a birthday crops up. I have tended to send a PM in the past but, what the heck?! Big Grin That being said,

Happyballoon HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'THUL BEINGS!!! Happyballoon

I am thinking of you all and hope you all have an AWESOME day, celebrating twenty-two years of life!!! Slurp Grouphug
These beings are thankful for the wishes, and the ideas behind them are very much part of the plan, even if they had to get up early (05:55)...

Happy birthday 'thul! I hope your day is a sunny one. Smiling

(I fear I'm going to miss posting here on most birthdays so I apologize in advance for that.)
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